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High Quality Plastic V9 Nursery Pots Suppliers Oman

This work should be carried out from 9 am to 4 pm(plastic grow pots). The covering soil is not easy to be too thick, too thick, the top soil is difficult, and the emergence is slow; but it should not be too thin, too thin, it is easy to make the seeds unearth, which will affect the expansion of the cotyledons(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). It should be away from the appropriate distance, and the area should be shielded during sowing to prevent mixing between varieties.

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When splitting seedlings, it is better to stay inferior and stay superior, the planting depth is better not to bury the cotyledons(15 gallon pot). The amount of air release should be gradually increased from small, according to the seedling phase, the wind can be reversed until the cover is completely removed during the day, and the cover is gradually reduced or not covered at night(stackable planter pots). It is necessary to cover the film and bitter with the seedlings to keep the temperature and prevent sunburn.

(high quality plastic v9 nursery pots suppliers oman)If there is no incubator, the seeds can be placed in a pot and placed next to the fire or on the hot kang, but they must be turned frequently to make them heated evenly(plastic plant trays). The method of dividing seedlings is to first ditch at a row spacing of 6-9 cm, and then place the seedlings in the ditch at a plant spacing of about 7 cm, cover it with half-ditch soil, water it, and then cover it with soil. In this way, plant a trench and then plant a second trench(105 cell plant trays). Watering the ditch.

In this way, the seedlings can be slowed down after 5 to 6 days. The sign of slowing seedlings is that the leaves are fresh and tender(plug trays). After emergence, if the seedlings are crowded, the seedlings should be thinned. But should pay attention to water control should not be too dry to avoid stiff seedlings. Squat seedlings are carried out 3 to 5 days before planting(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). The method is to water the plants 1 to 2 days before squatting the seedlings.(high quality plastic v9 nursery pots suppliers oman)

In the morning, the leaves spit out water and the heart leaves turn yellow(1 gallon nursery pots). Squat seedlings should be carried out after slowing seedlings, the method of squatting seedlings is to release the wind and loosen the soil. To release the wind, you have to listen to two (listen to the weather forecast, watch the weather, and look at Miaoxiang) and master it flexibly(50 cell plug trays). This stage is mainly to gradually reduce the night coverage, when the night temperature is not lower than 5 ℃ can be covered.

(high quality plastic v9 nursery pots suppliers oman)Loosen the soil from shallow to deep, loosen 2 ~ 3 times in total, this is conducive to the preservation of moisture and bacon(5 gallon plant pot). One is to shorten the difference between Yangwow and the open air, and exercise ventilation. Exercise seedlings should be started 7 to 15 days before planting(plastic hanging baskets). Exercise seedlings are divided into two stages, the previous stage is the preparation stage, which is carried out in the first 8 days. Maintain 25 ~ 30 ℃ during the day and 13 ~ 15 ℃ at night.

The latter stage is the actual exercise stage, mainly to expose seedlings to direct low temperature at night(seed trays). Someone should take care of them at night after covering; the second is to squat seedlings. Squatting seedlings is mainly to enhance the ability to adapt to low temperature and arid environments, so that it is easy to survive after planting(black plastic plant pots). During the squatting period, the growth of the aerial parts was inhibited due to the control of water.

When the soil is not sticky, cut them into squares with the shovel of the seedlings according to the row spacing of the original plants(square nursery pots). It is required to squat evenly and tightly, and the time for squatting seedlings is best to grow many white hair roots around Tutuo(seed starter trays). During the squatting period, it is necessary to prevent the rain and running water from dispersing the soil, so that the seedlings will slow down after planting.(high quality plastic v9 nursery pots suppliers oman)

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