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High Quality Small Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk USA

Leek has strong regenerative ability(6 inch plastic nursery pots). Under suitable conditions of fertilizer and water management, it can be harvested many times a year, but the number of harvests should not be too many, so as to prevent the plant from accumulating nutrients and causing premature aging(19cm plastic grow pots). The scientific harvesting method should be based on the growth rule of the leek, the strength of the growth potential and the amount of fertilizer applied.

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In addition, due to the habit of dormancy and hegemony, the phenomenon of "jumping roots" will occur(cheap nursery pots). In this way, a layer of guest soil must be added every year. Harvesting should be done on a sunny morning. The leek harvesting method is closely related to the aging of the leek and the yield of the next harvest(20cm plastic grow pots). Cultivate the soil before harvesting. The leek blossoming of leeks will lead to the suppression of vegetative growth and the decrease of the cents.

(high quality small plastic plant pots in bulk usa)Harvest can be done 2 to 3 times in spring, and harvest should be stopped in the high temperature period in summer(greenhouse pots). In the autumn is the season for plants to accumulate nutrients. Leek flowers can be harvested once and then softened by soil cultivation. When harvesting, the side of the new soil should be dug up first, and the stubble should be cut on the ground and left for about 4 cm(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Do not cut too low to avoid cutting growth points.

In addition to the seeds, young flower moss should be removed in time(plastic plant pots canada). The soil of the leek field suddenly turned red, causing the leek to wither and die, mostly due to the high acidity of the soil, the lack of calcium in the soil, the soluble free iron and the wrong, the lack of available phosphorus and organic matter, the lack of nitrogen, the soil fertility and water Caused by poor sex(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If the leeks are old, they should be renewed the following year to increase the number of harvests. 

To restore the growth of leeks, all dead leeks and yellowed leeks should be cut off first(sowing tray). Do not cut deep when cutting to protect the roots. After cutting, gently loosen the soil once, apply human dung and grass ash, cover the leek roots, and then add guest soil (river mud or fertile loose soil taken from elsewhere), this is because leek is suitable for loosening, Fertile, water and fertilizer, and organic matter-rich soil grows(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). After about 6 ~ 7 days, you can cut the leek.(high quality small plastic plant pots in bulk usa)

Only when the fertility grows and gradually turns into black soil and loose soil can leek maintain a strong growth trend(plant germination trays). Chives like cool climate. After the summer, the temperature will increase, the light will increase, the rain will increase, and weeds will grow, which is not good for the growth of leeks(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, weeds should be removed in summer to prevent weeds and leeks from competing for water and light, as well as causing pests and diseases.

(high quality small plastic plant pots in bulk usa)Leeks are harvested too frequently in summer, which not only affects autumn yield and overwintering, but also affects longevity(plastic flower pots manufacturers). Generally, the harvest is harvested in early summer and should not be harvested again before autumn. Leek is easy to induce diseases and insect pests under high temperature and high humidity conditions(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). For example, after heavy sun exposure, it is prone to blight in heavy rain, so drainage should be timely.

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