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High Quality Smart Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Peru

Browning of explants is a common problem in tissue culture(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The specific method is: prepare a bed for implantation, choose a medium that is sunny, convenient for drainage and irrigation, and have good ventilation, and build a seedbed 5-10 cm above the ground(128 cell trays bulk). The composition of the medium is different due to different tree species, but the large and trace elements in the medium are basically similar.

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This is caused by the oxidation of phenolic substances in the tissues, which is related to the genotype of the explants(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, objects that are not easy to brown should be screened as Cultivation materials, such as materials with juvenile type and strong meristem, can avoid or reduce amplitude variation(72 cell plug trays supplier). In addition to considering the genotype of the explant, the material of the mother plant should be strong and free of pests.

(high quality smart plant pots wholesale suppliers peru)In recent years, Chen Kai and Cui Yantang of Northwest University have adopted the “decompression infiltration method”(gallon pot), which is to infiltrate the MS culture solution selected for root differentiation into the branches (similar to tissue culture), the concentration If it is too high, and then insert the treated branches into the seedbed for routine management(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Can achieve the goal of a seedling, rapid propagation.

Select the woody or semi-woody branches with full buds that were born in the current year or one year(seed starting trays), cut them into cuttings with 2-3 buds and a length of 10-15m, and disinfect the surface. At the sampling site, the differentiation rate of supervised buds in the upper part of the shoots is high, adventitious buds grow fast, and the number is large(sureroot plug trays bulk). Followed by the apex of the stem, the effect of the facial leaves is poor.(high quality smart plant pots wholesale suppliers peru)

In summary(square grow pots), under sealed conditions, fully immerse the cuttings in the selected Ms culture medium and evacuate under reduced pressure (up to 13.3-39.9ha) until the cuttings do not bubble (about 20min). Slowly Vent (about 15-20min) to normal pressure, remove the insert and let it dry at room temperature until it is fresh(72 cell seed trays wholesale). When the seedlings grow 1-2 pairs of new leaves, 0.2% urea can be used for topdressing.

(high quality smart plant pots wholesale suppliers peru)In order to prevent the branches from rotting, add tetracycline to the infiltration liquid, or dip the lower end of the cuttings with the tetracycline pulp(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The concentration of agar should be dilute at the beginning of the inoculation, so that the explants and the surface of the medium are tightly combined without sagging(blow molded nursery pots). Spray with clean water after fertilization. Soil disinfection before insertion.

It is best to use the full-light nursery of the automatic spray device, or cover the film and cover the bacteria appropriately(plastic plant trays wholesale). The agar concentration in the rooting medium should be appropriately increased to support the adventitious buds to stand upright. It is better not to tilt(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Adding antioxidants, such as ascorbic acid, bovine serum albumin, etc., to the culture medium can inhibit and prevent the change.(high quality smart plant pots wholesale suppliers peru)

In order to ensure the sufficient ventilation of the underground part of the cutting and maintain the high humidity of the above-ground part(large plastic terracotta pots), the key is that the ratio of cytokinin and auxin should be appropriate, otherwise the differentiation of the sacred tissue, the sucrose concentration has different requirements at different culture periods(128 cell seed trays wholesale), the explants will be aged, and if the concentration is too low, the growth will be slow. 

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