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Fertilizer should be mainly applied, topdressing twice, and topdressing once at the seedling stage and the peak growth period of fleshy roots(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). The row spacing of large varieties is 50-60cm, the plant spacing is 25-40cm, the row spacing of medium varieties is 40-50m, the plant spacing is 15-25cm, and the row spacing of radish is 10-15cm(v19 plastic pots). The autumn radish is harvested before and after the first frost.

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According to the requirements of environmental conditions, the suitable temperature for seed germination is 20 ~ 25 ℃, the suitable temperature for leaf growth is 15 ~ 20 ℃, and the suitable temperature for meat root growth is 13 ~ 18 ℃(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). The seedlings can withstand the low temperature of - 2 ~ 3T(112 cell seed trays). When the temperature is lower than - L, the meat root is easy to be damaged by freezing. Adequate light is required.

The suitable soil relative water content is 65% ~ 80%, and the drought tolerance is weak(18 cell seed trays). Soil water has a great impact on fleshy roots. Without shading, the plant can be exposed to sunlight immediately. Planting years: this plant is perennial and is not easy to age(fabric grow bags wholesale). The leaves are lotus shaped, inserted on the shortened stem, sword shaped, 12 cm wide, with sharp teeth, dark green to blue-green, white powder and fleshy(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil).

The air relative humidity is 80% - 90%(40 cell seed trays). It grows well in the deep sequence, loose and fertile sandy soil 101. The suitable soil ff537.0, and the ratio of absorbing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is 2.1:1:2.5(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). Sprouting seeds, seedlings and fleshy roots can pass through the chemical stage under low temperature during growth and storage, and bloom by lot under long sunshine of more than 12 hours and high temperature.

Stem erect, without lateral branches. There are many classification methods of radish types and varieties(20 gallon pots). According to the cultivation season, it can be divided into autumn (winter) radish type, winter spring radish type and summer radish type(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). Autumn (winter) radish types: sowing in late summer and early autumn in the north and harvesting in late autumn and early winter are the main cultivation types in China.

In addition, some excellent varieties include(12 cell seed trays): general dry ideal big root, Zhichun, mantanghong (red heart, high blood red chlorine ratio), XinLiMei (red heart), Lu radish No. 8, Xiang radish No. 1, Xiaoying purple flower, Zhejiang radish No. 1, Huangzhou radish, kaziman (special kind for processing), powdered radish, Shawo Dahua, Yangzhou Yanzhong radish, Guoguang No. 1, Dahongpao, Lu Bafen, Jinghong No. 1(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil), Qiaohong No. 1 Hongfeng 2, nongdahong, qiaotouqing, etc.

Winter and Spring Radish types: spring sowing and spring harvest in the north, late autumn sowing in the south, overwintering in the open field, spring harvest, some excellent varieties are(v11 plastic pots): xiaowuying, dog goose egg, Chihua, Spring Radish No. 1, etc.(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil), summer radish types, generally spring sowing and summer harvest, or summer sowing and autumn harvest, some excellent varieties are: hot return radish, Xianong Zaosheng No. 3, early carrot, weiziba, may red, etc.

Flowering is summer. Autumn radish cultivation or high Sui cultivation, northern spring radish Pingwa cultivation, or high border cultivation(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). Try to plant from other places to avoid swearing before maturity. Cellar, vertical spring planting, open field seed collection(50 cell seed trays). As far as the whole country is concerned, the cultivation area is still small, which is introduced in diversified vegetables. The plant height is 3 ~ 6m. 

Autumn radish in northern cold areas is sown in the first and middle of July, North China and northwest warm areas are sown from July to August, Shandong and Henan are sown from August to mid August, and Shanghai is sown from mid August to mid September(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). For hole sowing, 5 right seeds are sown in each hole, and the seeds are dispersed in the hole(16.5cm plastic plant pots). Small varieties of Spring Radish are sown.

The time of 1-2 true leaves is 1-2. Pot culture can use the mixed matrix composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 0.5:2:2 by volume(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). Colonization method: ground planting. The seedlings of feicuige are mostly colonized from April to May(cheap plastic hanging baskets). In order to make the plant have a better plant shape, cut off the bare branches in time. In actual cultivation, feicuige will be harmed by stem rot.

Garlic and onion have a certain cultivation area in all parts of China, and some main production areas(nursery seedling tray). Some vegetables such as loubai, balsam pear and mustard are the main vegetables in some parts of the south(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). Timely sowing, planting in fertile and loose soil, and strengthening fertilizer and water management(12cm plastic plant pots). Bitterness bitterness is caused by Momordica charantia, which is a nitrogen-containing alkali compound.

The sowing amount of large and medium-sized varieties per public area is 7.5-18.0kg, and the sowing amount of small varieties is 22.5-30.0kg per public item(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). Water should be sufficient during emergence(36 cell seed trays). The leaves should be watered properly during the peak growth period, the fleshy roots should be watered timely during the peak growth period, and the later period should be watered properly to prevent hollowing. 

When 4-5 true leaves are planted, the seedlings are fixed in combination with inter seedlings(15 gallon pots). The autumn radish seedling stage is at a high temperature, so water should be poured less and more frequently(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). According to the propagation materials, bud vegetables are divided into seed bud vegetables and vegetative (vegetative organ) bud vegetables(v20 plastic pots). The seedling is fixed around noon to remove wilting seedlings. 

At present, the planting density of spring radish is high(plastic ground cover for weed control). Potassium fertilizer should be applied at the peak growth period of fleshy roots, generally not nitrogen fertilizer. Autumn radish should be cultivated in time to make f the soil loose and the rhizosphere be cultivated in the later stage(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). Select the plants with correct fleshy roots, fine roots, fine skin and small root head, which meet the characteristics of varieties.

Generally, it only pulls grass without middle tillage(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). The output of 667 square meters of spring radish is generally 800 ~ 1600 kg and 3000 ~ 4000 kg of autumn radish(128 cell plug flats). Cultivation techniques radish should be mainly applied with base fertilizer, 667 square meters, 3 ~ 5 cubic meters of rotten farm fertilizer, 50 ~ - 1 (00 kg) of vegetation, turned into No. 10 middle school, deeply turned into quat flat, and the grains should be finely broken. 

Generally, some vegetables have large cultivation area and yield, but have certain regional characteristics, such as Chinese Cabbage (green vegetables and rape) Winter melon, lotus root and Yongcai are the main vegetables in the south, and potato is the main vegetable in the north, There are four seasons radish types. Morphological characteristics(20 cell seed trays): perennial fleshy herb(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers brazil). It is collected and stored with care to prevent damage.

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