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After cutting the base of sugar transversely, put it on the rootstock immediately, and align the following part(15cm plastic grow pots), stick the meat tightly, bind it with thread or plastic tape, and then it will become a whole. Bud grafting can save scion and has high survival rate(wholesale plastic garden pots). When grafting, all localities should master the best time of local grafting propagation, cut off the rootstock 10 cm away from the ground, and then split it with a sharp knife.

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This kind of rootstock can not only survive easily, but also improve the adaptability of grafted seedlings, prolong their life span or blossom earlier(104 cell plug trays supplier). As these hormones are not easily soluble in water, they should first be dissolved in 95% alcohol, and then mixed in talc powder with the concentration of 5002000 mg / kg(plant pot suppliers). Fully stir, spread in the porcelain plate, dry in the dark, and finally grind into very fine powder, which can be used.(hot sale fabric plant pots suppliers poland)

It is suitable for small rootstock and grafting stability(40 cell plug trays supplier). However, the flowers and trees used for budding must be easy to peel and take buds, and most of the flowers of myrtulaceae can be propagated by budding. Such as rose, plum blossom, Begonia flower, apple, Louhua, green peach, etc. The time of budding varies with different regions and flower species(large plastic planters uk), and it is generally carried out from mid August to September. Bonding method: suitable for coarse ester wood.

(hot sale fabric plant pots suppliers poland)There are two main methods of budding: the thick branches are mostly T-shaped budding, and the thinner branches are mostly embedded with buds(gallon pot). In the process of t-budding, choose a smooth skin surface between 10-15 star meters above the ground, and cut a T-shaped incision on the phloem(deep cell plug trays). The correct choice of Rootstocks is to select the plants with affinity (i.e. close genetic relationship) with scions as rootstocks.

After 10 days or so, gently magnetize the petiole with your hand(seed starting trays). If it falls immediately after touching, it means that the grafted bud has survived; if it can't be touched, the bud has dried up, so we should pay close attention to it. When root grafting peony root is used as rootstock, split grafting method is often used(shallow microgreen trays). In order to improve the survival rate of flower grafting propagation, we should pay attention to the following points.(hot sale fabric plant pots suppliers poland)

Then bud grafting is to make a bud which has not sprouted on the scion branch and graft it on the rootstock(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In order to prevent Lou de from drying out, it is better to use a plastic bag to cover the joint and take it out after sprouting. Rootstocks should be biennial seedlings with strong growth. If the rootstocks are older, the survival will be affected(plastic planters suppliers). It is suitable to select the annual branches with good quality, strong and mature, and the buds should be full and full.

(hot sale fabric plant pots suppliers poland)The incision should be smooth(greenhouse supplies pots), the formation layer should be aligned, the interface should be tight, and the binding should be tight to prevent the gap in the middle. Proper grafting time should be selected. Different grafting methods and grafting time in different areas are not the same, which is the guarantee to improve the survival rate(16cm plastic grow pots). In order to prevent splitting, before labor, wrap it with a rope at 6 cm below the cutting surface.

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