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Hot Sale Plastic 72 Plug Tray Wholesale Price Singapore

Especially in the early stage of cutting(1 gallon plant pots distributor), in order to ensure that the cuttings do not lose water, frequent sprays of song should be kept, so that the leaf surface always maintains a layer of water film: after the callus is formed, the spray can be appropriately reduced, and the water film on the leaves can be reduced(8 cell trays bulk). After the callus is formed, the immersion time is 12-24h, the foliar dressing should be carried out frequently, usually once a week.

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Spraying starts at 1/3(gallon pot); when young roots are generally grown, you can wait for a moment after the leaf surface water has evaporated, and then spray again: after a large number of roots (roots up to 5em) are formed, you can spray only a small amount around noon. At the end of pallet insertion, 00 times liquid carbendazim and thiophanate-methyl should be sprayed in time(bulk 1.5 gallon pots), and every 5 days thereafter, the fungicide should be sprayed in time after rain.

(hot sale plastic 72 plug tray wholesale price singapore)Then add water to dilute to a certain concentration, the general treatment concentration of tender shoots is 100-1000×10-*mg/nl, the effect of low concentration immersion method is more stable, the effect is better, but the treatment is more Time-consuming and time-consuming, it is difficult to adopt in large-scale palletizing(2 gallon plant pots distributor). The transplanting of rooted seedlings is an important part of seedling cultivation by full-light fog transplantation. 

Insert the lower part of the cutting ear into the powder 1~2cm, dip the moist lower incision with a layer of powder, and then insert the rod(square grow pots). Spraying should be carried out when spraying is stopped in the evening, and the number of spraying can be appropriately reduced after cuttings take root(6 cell trays bulk). Spray 0.2%-0.5% urea in the early stage and mix it with 0.2%-0.5% urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate in the later stage.(hot sale plastic 72 plug tray wholesale price singapore)

Water should be stopped for 3-5 days before transplanting to promote the rapid development of root systems and improve the adaptability of seedlings to the external high temperature dry early climate(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). When transplanting seedlings, the root system must be kept intact and watered to ensure that the seedlings do not lose water during the transplantation process(bulk 2 gallon containers). After transplanting, the bacteria must be covered in time.

(hot sale plastic 72 plug tray wholesale price singapore)Powder treatment is convenient and time-saving, suitable for large-scale insertion, but the treatment effect is not as stable as the low concentration diffuse foam method(plastic plant trays wholesale). The management after transplanting is the same as that of conventional seedling raising. The transplantation should be carried out in the evening or cloudy day. Transplanting in dry and windy weather(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Semi-finished seedlings with root system) The cost is about 0.006 yuan.

Generally, it is advisable that the blades of the plugs are connected but not overlapped(large plastic terracotta pots). In order to improve the utilization rate of the plug bed, small cutting ears are used, and the density can reach about 2000 plants/n: some are as small as 100 plants/m2, but the usual insertion density is 400~1000 strains/2(24 cell trays bulk). A few days after transplanting, the water management should be strengthened and the front cover should be gradually removed.(hot sale plastic 72 plug tray wholesale price singapore)

There are seedling materials (cutting ears) can be taken on the spot, picking and cutting(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Taking mulberry tree seedlings as an example, in areas where there are more mulberry trees in southern Shaanxi, the total investment for planting fee, labor fee and chemical fee is generally 0.002 yuan per insert, plus the post-management fee(4 cell trays bulk), each finished rooted seedling Approximately 5-8cm long, which is very beneficial to rooting and growth of cuttings. 

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