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When the humidity reaches a saturated state, when low-lying water accumulates(72 cell plug trays), the disease is aggravated; too much nitrogen fertilizer and the soil is alkaline, which are prone to disease. Clean the garden: If diseased plants are found during the growth period, the epidermis becomes necrotic(plastic garden pots price), the diseased leaves or plants should be removed in time to reduce the source of infection.

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In addition to the strict disinfection of the culture medium, the inoculation environment and the tools used before the cultivation(long life propagation trays), the disinfection of the experimental materials is more important. Disease conditions can be affected within the temperature range of 10-38℃, especially 18-28℃ as the most suitable temperature(4 inch square greenhouse pots); it is most vulnerable in poor ventilation and high humidity (65%-85%) environment.

(hot sale plastic growing trays factory vietnam)Common pathogens include soil-borne diseases such as fungi, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, and bacteria, such as Bacillus(nursery tray manufacturers). Chemical control: soil disinfection, you can use 50% thiram wettable powder or 50% gjundan wettable powder, mix it evenly with 0.75g/m2 and appropriate amount of clean and dry soil, then apply it to the soil for disinfection(9 inch plastic plant pots); also available 500 times liquid is used for soil water disinfection.

At first, yellow spots appear in the affected part, and then white hairs grow(1.5 gallon nursery pots), and even expand to the whole leaf and the whole leaf, so that the leaves are rolled in and the tender shoots are bent and stop growing. The main disease condition is soil-carrying bacteria, which makes plants sick all year round; most of the disease occurs in the 30cm topsoil layer(1.5 gallon pot). The pathogenic bacteria are fungi of the genus Monofilament, Onocystis, etc.(hot sale plastic growing trays factory vietnam)

Clay loam is more serious; the soil temperature is above 20℃, and the incidence rate is highest from May to August(1 gallon plastic nursery pots); the bacteria live in the diseased body through the winter and are scattered in the next summer The spores infect for the first time, spread by wind and rain, and repeatedly infect in summer(plastic flower pot price), and the onset period is long. Do not use medicine at high temperature above 32℃ and during flowering period.

(hot sale plastic growing trays factory vietnam)Strengthen cultivation management(rootmaker propagation trays): apply fully decomposed fertilizer, not too much nitrogen fertilizer, control water consumption; strengthen ventilation, etc. In the practice of introduction and cultivation of perennial flowers, common diseases are(4.5 inch pot): they are common serious diseases in floriculture. When brown spots appear on the roots and stems of plants, and the whole plant dies when it develops severely.

The cultivation of plant tissues and organs must be carried out under sterile conditions(2 gallon pots wholesale). Chemical control: spray with 15% Fenmeining wettable powder 1000~1200 times liquid, or 70% thiophanate methyl wettable powder 1000 times liquid, or spray with 20% antimycoticin 120 liquid 100~200 times liquid, both Good results(2 gallon fabric pots). A variety of flowers such as carnation, gerbera, gladiolus, lily, and penmaneus are all vulnerable.(hot sale plastic growing trays factory vietnam)

Some have obvious edges, which are clearly demarcated from healthy parts(one gallon pot), while others are not clear; round, oval, irregular, polygonal and other purple, red, misfortune, black, gray, and white spots that occur on leaves . Finally, the deciduous plants died. Common diseases damage plant leaves, shoots and receptacles; chrysanthemum, gerbera, sedum(viagrow plastic nursery pots), Dutch chrysanthemum and other perennial flowers are the most common.

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