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Summer autumn tomato seedlings have high temperature(plastic cell trays supplier), short seedling age, physiological seedling age up to 3 leaves and 1 heart, seedlings can be planted when the length of seedlings is about 15 cm, and 72 holes is the best choice; grafting seedling technology is often used for Eggplant Cultivation in autumn and winter to enhance cold resistance(mushroom growing trays), physiological seedling age is 6-7 leaves, and 32-50 hole plug tray is often used. 

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The deeper the hole is, the more air there is in the matrix, which is conducive to air permeability(plastic potting pots), salt leaching and air permeability, which is conducive to the growth of root system. If there are too few holes, the seedlings will be too large or the root system will be too small. The root lump is not complete and easy to be scattered, which is not conducive to mechanical grasping and easy to damage seedlings(propagation trays for cuttings). Of course, white foam plug can be an exception.

(hot sale plastic hanging baskets suppliers france)The first step of transplanting seedlings is to test whether the seedlings can be completely transplanted(seed starting trays wholesale). Light substrate is used as seedling carrier, polystyrene plug is used as container, floating vegetables are common in the south, and are used for vegetable production such as capsicum and leafy vegetables(v12 nursery pots). Containers can use plastic plug plates or foam plug plates. The deeper the air enters the hole, the more oxygen content will be.

The depth of the substrate must be at least 5 mm in order to have the gravity effect, so that the moisture in the matrix will seep down(heavy duty gallon pot). The hole shape should be square inverted trapezoid, which is conducive to guiding the root system to extend downward, rather than winding the root in the inner wall as in the round or vertical hole(15cm plastic grow pots). The smaller the plug, calendar seedling age is about 35 days, the more sensitive it is to the changes of soil moisture, nutrient, oxygen, pH and EC.(hot sale plastic hanging baskets suppliers france)

The deeper holes provide more favorable conditions for the drainage and air permeability of the matrix(heavy duty plant pots). Tidal seedling is a technology gradually applied to vegetable seedling in recent years. Because of its water-saving and energy-saving, and can effectively solve the "umbrella effect" of large seedlings, it has been applied in some modern seedling farms. However, due to the relatively high cost, the application area is small(nursery tray price). The hole selection of different seedling raising methods was also different.

There are too many holes, the root lump of plug seedlings is small(cheap 1 gallon plant pots), the stability of mechanical transplanting is not enough, the seedlings are not easy to stand upright in the planting holes, resulting in the transplanting and planting inactivity, or need to spend extra manpower to support seedlings; some plug holes have ventilation holes between the holes, so that the air can flow between the plants(16cm plastic grow pots). Plug seedling is the most common way of raising seedlings in the north.

(hot sale plastic hanging baskets suppliers france)The color of the plug also affects the temperature of the root(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). Generally, black plug is chosen in winter and spring because it can absorb more solar energy and increase root temperature. However, in summer or early autumn, it is necessary to change it into a silver gray plug to reflect more light and avoid excessive root temperature(elfin thyme plug tray). The white plug generally has high light transmittance, which will affect the root growth, so it is rarely selected.

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