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Hot Sale Plastic Seed Starter Tray Factory Austria

After the plant senescence, a large number of peripheral branches died, the backbone branches were incomplete(4 inch square pots), the crown was irregular, the amount of flowers and fruits decreased, and the ornamental effect decreased or disappeared. Through pruning, it can reappear the heroic posture and restore the tree vigor(6 inch plastic nursery pots). It can improve the light transmission condition, improve the ability of disease resistance and lodging resistance.

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Through shaping, we can control the growth direction of branches, beautify the shape, meet people's design ideas, and shape the artistic modeling of various flowers(plastic garden pots online). Some plants can also be artificially processed to make flowers grow according to people's intention and form a certain shape(cheap nursery pots). The pruning methods of herbaceous potted flowers include picking the heart, wiping buds, pruning branches, thinning buds, picking flowers, cutting residual flowers, updating pruning and leaf picking, etc. 

(hot sale plastic seed starter tray factory austria)The pruning methods of woody potted flowers include cutting shoots, picking off the heart, wiping buds(1 gallon plastic containers), cutting short, retracting (i.e., shrinking and cutting), thinning branches, cutting branches, cutting, girdling, changing branches, and extending. The commonly used tools for shaping and pruning include pruning shears, pruning saws, axes, knives, ladders, lead wires, ropes, stakes, safety belts, gloves, etc(plastic seedling trays). On the trunk, there are three main branches, which are evenly spread around.

Finally, according to the needs of artificial shaping(20 gallon nursery pots for sale), plants are integrated into various regular forms (such as square, circular, polygonal and other geometric shapes) and irregular shapes (such as birds, beasts, castles and other non geometric shapes), so as to fully display the charm of flowers and trees. It can induce the senescent plants to renew, rejuvenate and grow vigorously. It is clumsy in shape, with no obvious trunk(plug flats wholesale). There are many sprouting soup at the base, such as Begonia, Didang, rose, etc. 

Common are: conical, with obvious trunk, such as cedar, metasequoia, etc(potting containers wholesale). Natural pruning is a kind of pruning based on the natural crown shape of the original plant according to the branching habit and growth status of the plant, which reflects the natural beauty(plastic succulent pots). It is cylindrical in shape, with obvious central trunk, and almost the same coarseness in the upper and lower parts of the plant, such as juniper, plumbocephalus, etc.(hot sale plastic seed starter tray factory austria)

Trellis are mainly suitable for vine plants(viagrow nursery pots), such as wisteria, Aucklandia, grapes, etc., which can be shaped according to the frame design. Shrubby trunk is not obvious, such as Bauhinia, Begonia, elm, etc. Others, such as the axis of the trunk, cylindrical, evacuation layered shape, etc. Round head shape, such as Acer truncatum, cherry blossom, bayberry, etc(nursery pots canada). It has a section of obvious trunk with branches hanging like filament, such as willow, elm and peach.

(hot sale plastic seed starter tray factory austria)The umbel has obvious trunk, and all the lateral branches bend down and down, such as Robinia pseudoacacia and pendulous peach(14 inch plastic plant pots). Arched branch shape, mostly shrubs, trunk is not obvious, long branches curved into an arch, such as Yingchun, Jinzhong, forsythia, etc. There is no central trunk in cup shape, only a small section of trunk with a certain height(1.5 gallon plant pot). The three main branches also divide into two branches to form six branches, and then from six branches to twelve Branches.

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