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Hydroponic Plastic Plant Trays Suppliers In China

It can also develop on the coast(72 cell propagation tray). Because the liquid of its cells contains salt, the flower itself tastes a little salty. Because the surface of ice vegetables is full of liquid bubble cells, which look like ice crystals, it is called ice vegetables. The leaves of iceberg vegetables are thick, which can firmly lock the water(4.5inch square nursery pots). The taste of iceberg vegetables is fresh and crisp, and they can also be planted in pots. Let's have a look.

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When we grow seedlings, we can use paper cups, washbasins and foam boxes to buy special balcony vegetable planting containers(2 gallon nursery pots). Soil is definitely troublesome. We need to prepare some very permeable and soft soil. Because the seeds of iceberg vegetables are relatively weak and small, the thick soil can not grow out(4.5inch deep square pots). Xiaobian then sprinkles the prepared seeds evenly on it, and lightly covers them with a thin layer of soil, about 3mm-5mm thick.

(hydroponic plastic plant trays suppliers in china)Put them in a cool and windy place, and you can see the germination within 72 hours(plant starter trays). Although the germination is simple, we should also guarantee that the soil is slightly wet, and we can spray a long distance on the surface of the soil every night. And ice vegetables and other vegetables are not the same(black plastic plant pots), after germination, there will be no sunshine, so we must let it see the weak sunshine in real time, so it can grow better.

Otherwise, if the seedlings are too dense, it will be easy to show poor development(cheap nursery pots). When the seedlings grow to about 5cm, they can be transplanted into large containers. It's still very solid ice dishes, bigger basins and foam boxes. It's about ten centimeters to fifteen centimeters apart. Remember that the steps to transplant are to stop at night, and also to be gentle(greenhouse supplies pots). Otherwise, the water droplets on the leaves of the ice vegetables are easily pinched and exploded.(hydroponic plastic plant trays suppliers in china)

It is necessary for the development of ice vegetables to have fertile soil, and the later stage of the province should be operated again(3 gallon nursery pots). It can use the retting that has been concentrated in one's own home, and can also use microbial agent. After all, it is eaten by people. Microbial agent is a kind of biological fertilizer, which contains a lot of beneficial bacteria(nursery plant pots), can improve the soil condition, and can provide a lot of nutrients for the development of ice vegetables.

(hydroponic plastic plant trays suppliers in china)Ice vegetable, also called ice grass, is a kind of salt and alkali flower(plastic nursery plant pots). About half a month later, the seeds of iceberg vegetables germinate very quickly. Moreover, it is pure biological, and it will not burn roots if it is put too much, which is very suitable for novices(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It is better to keep 20 to 25 cm long, to enrich and strengthen the crown, to branch early and multi branches, so as to expand the crown as soon as possible.

Generally, the buds and fruits of the weak trees before the planned fruit production of young trees should be removed in time to promote the nutritional production of trees and form the crown of fruit as soon as possible and put into production(cheap plastic flower pots). It should be noted that young trees should have long shoots(plastic plant trays wholesale). After the shoots of each season are sprouted, except for 8 to 10 leaves left on the long shoots, the young shoots should also be plucked.

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