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Straw mushroom protein contains 18 amino acids, of which essential amino acids account for 40.47-44.47%(nursery planters). Straw mushrooms are delicious and very popular with consumers. So let ’s take a look at the breeding method of straw mushroom with Xiaobian(injection molded nursery pots)! Actually, the cultivation conditions of edible mushrooms are strict, so straw mushroom is no exception, but it and The cultivation conditions of many edible fungi are very different.

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Secondly, if the cultivated nutrients are alkaline, when the straw mushrooms are planted, the last thing is that the straw mushrooms cannot stop photosynthesis and cannot have direct sunlight(15 gallon container). There are two breeding methods of straw mushrooms: sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Sexual reproduction refers to a sign that straw mushrooms use their sporophytes to stop germination, produce haploids, and then form mycelia under different sex conditions.

(injection molded nursery containers manufacturers usa)Asexual reproduction refers to a method of forming bacteria after a certain amount of cultivation, and then stopping inoculation, germination, and mushroom production(6 inch nursery pots). The cultivation time of straw mushrooms is generally between the end of May and September each year in the south of China(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The best time for cultivation is in early July of each year, and it is suitable to cultivate in June or July of each year in the northern region.

So how to control the mushroom to stop breeding? If it is cultivated in a greenhouse, it can be planted all year round(8 inch plastic nursery pots). There are five most common cultivation techniques for straw mushrooms. They are straw mushroom cultivation technology, plastic foam house anniversary cultivation technology(15 cell propagation trays wholesale), straw mushroom bag cultivation technology, straw mushroom cultivation technology, and straw bed cultivation technology (specific Cultivation techniques can be consulted).

Finally, the development of straw mushrooms cannot stop photosynthesis, but it does not mean that no light should be given(nursery bags suppliers). The most common breeding method currently used in life is asexual reproduction of straw mushrooms. There are many things to watch out for, such as nutrition, temperature, humidity, oxygen, pH, and lighting(21 cell propagation trays wholesale). Note that the highest degree of grace must not exceed forty-five degrees, and the lowest must not be less than five degrees.(injection molded nursery containers manufacturers usa)

The most important thing is the moisture content, which is generally controlled at about 70%, the humidity during the germination period is about 80%, and the humidity at the germination stage is about 90%(plastic flower pots manufacturers bangalore). The temperature of mycelium development should be controlled between ten and forty degrees, and the most suitable temperature for straw mushroom development is between twenty-eight and thirty-two degrees(32 cell propagation trays wholesale).

(injection molded nursery containers manufacturers usa)Look at the expert's statement: In addition to the aforementioned seed disposal, from the big bell mouth to the tasseling stage, the response to the applied nitrogen fertilizer is more sensitive(5 gallon tree pots). Properly given light can promote the development of mycelia, but not excessively. The premises where straw mushrooms are planted must have a long water supply and be easy to irrigate(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). Due to the large demand for straw mushrooms, water is large.

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