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In the winter, the maintenance and management of indoor potted eucalyptus trees(gallon nursery pots), Yushu is a very succulent plant that is very resistant to ornamental. If the growing environment is suitable, it can grow all the year round, and the leaves are always green all the year round. However, if we allow it to grow without scientific management, it may cause yellowing of the leaves(square nursery pots). What is the yellowing of eucalyptus leaves? For the yellowing of eucalyptus leaves, we also need to divide the old leaves and new leaves.

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(injection molded nursery containers wholesale canada)However, if the new leaves are yellow, then the plants are definitely growing poorly(propagation tray). For the yellow leaves of the new leaves of Yushu, most of the time is due to the unhealthy growth environment of the plants or improper methods used in the planting process. Specifically, there are several reasons for this: If the potting soil we use to cultivate Yushu is too sticky and the permeability is too poor(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), then watering will easily occur after watering, and then rotten roots will occur.

When the roots of the plants are damaged, the leaves are prone to yellowingV. Yushu likes a warm growing environment, but it can't make the temperature too high, especially in the summer. When the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the evaporation of water, which will easily cause dehydration, and then yellow leaves will appear. However, the temperature cannot be too low, otherwise the yellow leaves will still be caused after the plants are frozen(wholesale greenhouse pots). Therefore, we usually require the growth environment of Yushu to be warm and ventilated.

(injection molded nursery containers wholesale canada)Especially when the ventilation is not smooth(plug trays), it is easy to appear yellow leaves, if the humidity is too large, it is easy to cause pests and diseases, and even rotten roots. Therefore, if we water too much, it will also cause rotten roots in the case of water accumulation and cause yellow leaves. However, if we do not water for a long time and the potting soil is too dry, the plants will consume the water stored in the leaves themselves in order to maintain their lives(greenhouse supplies pots), and when the water is consumed, it will also be yellow.

Therefore, watering must be scientific, usually adopting the principle of “seeing dry and seeing wet”(gallon plant pot). The jade branches are strong and strong, the branches and leaves are thick, the growth is flourishing, and they can also bloom, so they need to consume a lot of nutrients, and they can also store some nutrients. Therefore, it is generally better to apply a thin organic liquid fertilizer every half month or so(plastic grow pots). The main application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer can be less applied, if the nitrogen fertilizer intake is too much, it is easy to occur.

(injection molded nursery containers wholesale canada)If the fertilizer is not used for a long time without fertilization, the leaves will appear yellow(cell trays). When the growth environment is suitable, Yushu tends to maintain strong growth. As long as everyone can manage according to scientific conservation methods, it is generally not easy to have yellowing and other growth phenomena(flat plastic tray). In the course of practice, everyone should find and summarize more and flexibly adjust management and protection measures so that Yushu can be better.

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