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Injection Molded Nursery Pots Wholesale Philippines

If the storage condition is not good(288 plug tray), the carbon dioxide, and the metabolism is accelerated, which is not conducive to the preservation of seed viability; water and heat produced by respiration can not be lost quickly, and the "self heat" and "self Lake" phenomena will be produced when they are attached to the seed surface(90mm plastic grow pots), which will change the nature of respiration and turn into anaerobic respiration. 

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After the forest seeds are prepared, the stronger the respiration and the longer the storage time, the more nutrients they consume(soil block trays). At the same time, the stronger the respiration, the more carbon dioxide, water and heat released by the decomposition of nutrients, and the lower the seed viability(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). Therefore, the life span of seeds can be prolonged by controlling the respiration of seeds during storage to the weakest extent.

(injection molded nursery pots wholesale philippines)Alcohol and carbon dioxide produced by anaerobic respiration are toxic to seeds(rootmaker trays). However, the safe moisture content is not a constant value, but also affected by many factors, such as storage method and environmental temperature, they will become short-lived seeds(10cm plastic grow pots). To achieve this goal, we should first understand the internal factors and environmental factors that affect the vitality (life span) of seeds.

The life span of seed refers to the time when the seed maintains its vitality(200 cell plug trays). Short life seed: the life span is within 3 years, such as poplar, structure and other tree species. Although the life span of seeds can be divided into three categories, the length of life span is relative and variable(2 gallon plant pots distributor). If the long-lived seeds are not stored properly. Dormant seeds, life activities did not stop, but also breathing, consumption of stored nutrients.(injection molded nursery pots wholesale philippines)

The water content of seed directly affects the intensity and nature of seed respiration(v16 nursery pots). Therefore, the water content of seed has a great influence on the maintenance of seed vitality. It is often the leading factor that makes seed lose its vitality. Generally, the seeds with lipid and protein have a long life, such as Pinaceae and Leguminosae(bulk 2 gallon containers). In addition, the inclusion larger than or smaller than the seed can be removed by end selection.

When the seed water content is high(grass plug trays), the water in the seed moves freely between cells, the enzyme activity and hydrolytic ability are improved, the respiration is strengthened, mid life seed: the life span is 3-10 years, such as pine, spruce, fir, koji sugar, forge tree and other tree species(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). There are three kinds of seeds: long-lived seeds, which have a life span of 10-100 years or longer, such as Korean locust, Albizzia, etc.

(injection molded nursery pots wholesale philippines)Seed maturity has a great influence on seed vitality(greenhouse trays plastic). In order to prolong the life span of seeds, it is necessary to create and control suitable conditions for seed storage. The seeds with hard and dense testa, impermeable and permeable have longer life than those with thin testa and permeable membrane(24 cell trays bulk). For example, the seeds of Robinia pseudoacacia and Zaoying have longer life than those of poplar and willow.

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