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Large 10 Gallon Plastic Plant Containers

Being able to eat a sweet dragon fruit at home is a very happy thing(square black plastic plant pots). Although the dragon fruit was not originally a fruit variety originated in China, after the introduction of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, because the dragon fruit planting was relatively simple, many fruit farmers began to rush to plant dragon fruit, and because the dragon's own nutritional value is It is relatively high(growing flats), so it is liked by most people.(large 10 gallon plastic plant containers)

In addition, when the dragon fruit can stop picking At the moment, you must not stop fertilizing(3 gallon nursery pots for sale). Will you choose to plant the dragon fruit variety to improve your income level, then do you know about the planting of the dragon fruit and how to plant it? If you don’t know, then let’s take a look today. Let's have a basic understanding of the friends who love dragon fruit(10 gallon pots). Dragon fruit is a tropical, subtropical fruit, which means it is a drought-tolerant fruit.

 Although the dragon's requirements for the planted soil are not as high as the rest of the flowers, it can be grown on any soil(plastic tray for hydroponics). Still don't plant dragon fruit. In the early stage of planting dragon fruit, the quality requirements for fertilizer are particularly high, and it is important to apply nitrogen fertilizer, and in the later stage, it is possible to use fertilizer containing organic matter(plastic garden pots). And every time you fertilize, you must follow a small number of rules. 

(large 10 gallon plastic plant containers)The requirements of the planting area are relatively low(large plastic flower pots cheap), but if you want to develop the dragon fruit, it is best to plant it in the sandy loam soil with better fertility. It is still necessary to let the dragon fruit stick to the right amount of water, that is, the soil that grows the dragon fruit can be wet and wet(plastic starter pots). However, at the moment when the dragon fruit is already blooming and there is a result, it is necessary to apply more fertilizer.

If you want the dragon fruit to harvest at the moment of harvest, if you finally get the best economic benefits(farm tray), it is recommended that you still choose the area where the soil fertility is better, so that you can guarantee the quality and quantity of dragon fruit. Since dragon fruit itself is a subtropical and tropical fruit, it has certain requirements for temperature(5 gallon planters). In some areas where the temperature is relatively low in winter, it is best not to plant dragon fruit.(large 10 gallon plastic plant containers)

The most important thing is that the temperature in winter is lower than ten degrees(small plastic flower pots bulk). Then, when the dragon fruit has blossomed, the number of watering can be appropriately reduced, and the watering can be done according to the actual situation of the planting area. However, in the case of abnormal conditions, three times of water can be poured one day, remembering that it is impossible to pour excess water(big black plant pots), otherwise Will cause the roots of dragon fruit to appear rotten.

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