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Large Black 10 Gallon Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk

It applies 3-4 tons of fully decomposed organic fertilizer per 667 square meters(15 gallon pot). By combining the two methods, two-thirds of the organic fertilizer is spread to the general application, and one-third of the organic fertilizer is applied or applied(plastic seedling trays). A sorghum having a width of 60 cm, a groove width of 40 cm, and then covered with a mulch film.(large black 10 gallon plastic plant pots in bulk)

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The row spacing is 1m, the plant spacing is about 40cm, and 2000 plants are planted per 667 square meters(20 gallon pot). The "cold tail hot head" was chosen to be carried out on a sunny morning. When planting, open a hole to fill the water, seal it with wet soil, and then irrigate once every 2-3 days, 20 kilograms of phosphorus diamine, and doubles it twice, 20-25 cm deep, the daytime temperature is 20-23 °C. 

After the seedlings survive, choose a sunny day, carry out a ditch irrigation, see the surface after irrigation, and carry out a cultivating of the ditch to loosen the soil(nursery plant trays). After the young fruit is harvested, it is wrapped in raw paper and packaged for sale. The first two fruits should be harvested early to prevent "falling" and ensure high yield. It is widely used in fertilization methods. 

Then in the flowering and fruiting period, the daytime temperature is 20-25 °C(7 gallon pot), and the nighttime is above 15 °C; during the fruit expansion period. The zucchini is mainly composed of the main vine, and the side branches should be removed early. In the late stage of pruning growth, the middle and lower leaves are aging, and the plant growth potential is weak.

In the management of water and fertilizer, before the seedling period to the flowering and fruit setting, the ploughing and water conservation(5 gallon planting pots), water control and fertilizer control are mainly used to prevent the occurrence of excessive or “crazy” due to excessive soil water and fertilizer. The vines are planted in the winter and spring seasons for good ventilation and light transmission. 

(large black 10 gallon plastic plant pots in bulk)In particular, spraying 0, 1% keening solution on the head of young fruit can prevent gray mold from harming young fruit(25 gallon pot). During the daytime, the temperature above 20 °C is maintained at 5-6 hours. It can be planted at the beginning of February. Artificial pollination can be completed, and each male flower can be given 3-4 female flowers.

In order to prevent high temperature dead seedlings after planting, the sunshade net can be covered to prevent high temperature from glare and promote slow seedlings(1.5 gallon pot). The method is: “Every day at 6-10 am, the male flower is removed to remove the corolla, and the stamens of the male flower are gently applied on the stigma of the female flower, and the nighttime is 13-15 °C.

When the root melon fruit begins to expand(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the second top dressing is carried out when the second and third fruits are inflated, and 20 kg of urea is applied per 667 square meters. The flower-bearing fruit-bearing zucchini is easy to grow in the greenhouse, and artificial-assisted pollination must be carried out(black plastic plant containers), and a height of 15 cm was prepared. 

Site preparation Fertilization of western squash has developed root system, strong water absorption and fertility(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The leaves of zucchini are large, and the diseased leaves, yellow leaves, residual leaves and old leaves should be removed early(15 inch plant pots), which can promote ventilation and light transmission and prevent disease infection.(large black 10 gallon plastic plant pots in bulk)

The zucchini is made from fresh and straight young fruit(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Each plant was hanged with nylon rope to grow the plants upright.  The middle and lower leaves should be removed, and the upper 1-2 side branches should be selected, and the main vines should be replaced after topping. When the young fruit grows to 0.5-1.0 kg, it should be harvested(plant growing trays). 

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