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Radish is certainly not strange to everyone, most of the time people are used to stew soup(cell plug trays), radish in our Chinese medicine is also called Laiwu. Radish also has the characteristics of good nutrition, high yield, simple management, low input cost, storage resistance, easy transportation and long supply period(starter trays). The summer radish cultivated in the off-season should be of high quality with good heat resistance, strong disease resistance and fast expansion of fleshy roots.

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Radish belongs to a kind of common vegetable of daily life(greenhouse pots). Then apply 50 kg of compound fertilizer per mu as base fertilizer, then deep turn, soil preparation, flattening, fineness, and finally ridge, the ridge distance is 60-80 cm, the ridge height is 15-20 cm, and the ridge top is 20 cm wide(128 cell plug tray). According to market demand, it is suitable for sowing from late June to early August, but it can't be broadcast too early, otherwise it will be rainy and easy to get sick.(large black 15 gallon plastic pots manufacturer)

The seed amount is 0.5 kg, and the ridges are double-rowed per well, keeping the row spacing 20 cm × 20-25 cm, 2-3 seeds per hole(15 gallon nursery pots), and covering 2 cm thick sieved fine soil after sowing. Medium-sized radish varieties can be ditched, and the depth of trenching is 2-3 cm, and the amount of seed per acre is 0.75-1.0 kg(plastic bonsai pots). Small varieties are widely used for spreading, and the amount of seeds per acre is 1.5-2.0 kg. In order to prevent underground pests, it is necessary to use herbs or pesticides for seed dressing.

(large black 15 gallon plastic pots manufacturer)For plots where radish is planted at the time of sowing, sandy loam with deep soil, good drainage and organic matter should be used(1 gallon nursery pots). Learn about the summer planting techniques of radish. Combine the seedlings first and then deep and carry out the ploughing and ploughing, and at the same time, the soil in the shovel is cultivated on the noodles to prevent the seedlings from falling(5 gallon nursery pots). Note: Summer radish should be watered at noon, preferably in the evening. 

After 2-3 days per acre, water is poured again(7 gallon nursery pots). The amount of water should not exceed ridge height, so it is better to soak the ridge back. After the seedlings are unearthed, the first seedlings are carried out when the cotyledons are unfolded; after the 3-4 true leaves are grown, the second seedlings are taken(10 gallon plant pot); when the seedlings have 5-6 leaves and the fleshy roots of the radishes are broken, the seedlings are started. Keep a strong seedling.(large black 15 gallon plastic pots manufacturer)

Therefore, it is necessary to properly water the soil according to the characteristics of soil moisture and the growth period of the radish(plastic tree pots). At the seedling stage, the roots of the seedlings are shallow and the water demand is small. It is necessary to master the principle of “less pouring and pouring”. In the peak period of leaf growth, it is necessary to master the principle of “appropriate watering”, and it is impossible to water too much(plastic plant pots uk); The principle of fully uniform water supply keeps the soil moisture at 70-80%.(large black 15 gallon plastic pots manufacturer)

The following large-scale radish varieties can be used for sowing(plastic plant pots bulk). After the seedling is combined with watering, 8-12 kg of urea per mu is applied to promote the growth of the leaves; the fleshy roots are swollen in the early stage, that is, after the shoulders are exposed. The acres can be applied with urea or ammonium sulfate 15-20 kg, potassium sulfate 10-15 kg(plastic terracotta pots). In addition, in this period, if combined with root dressing and then foliar spray 2-3 times, it will effectively promote the expansion of fleshy roots.

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