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Large Black Growers Pots Wholesale Suppliers Russia

In some people's impressions, the aloe succulents do not need more water than other horticultural flowers(black plastic nursery pots). This wrong concept is now being awake by more and more growers. Aloe succulents, like most other succulents, need water to maintain their normal physiology, and they require more water than other flowers during the growing season(1 gallon plant pots distributor). Watering is a very simple matter.

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(large black growers pots wholesale suppliers russia)The only thing to note is that each time you water the water, there is water flowing out of the bottom of the pot(plug trays wholesale). The pain is that when you grow more and more plants, this work can become quite heavy. Watering is a work that novices find difficult to master. How to control the interval between two waterings is simple(bulk 4 gallon pots). When you feel that the soil surface is dry, you should warn yourself: Wait a minute, wait another day!

Delaying 1-2 days of watering is not harmful to the growth of these plants(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Aloe vera is most afraid of water accumulation. If water accumulates quickly, it will rot and lax. Therefore, it is best to put the flower pot into the shallow water basin when watering, so that the water can slowly penetrate into the root from the bottom. Unless it is large granular soil, it is easy to drown the aloe from top to bottom(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Aloe vera is drought-tolerant, but it is afraid of stagnant water. When the basin is too wet and poorly drained, it is easy to cause aloe leaves to shrink, and the roots rot and even die.

(large black growers pots wholesale suppliers russia)To make aloe vera grow thick and leafy, timely and proper amount of watering is very important(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The optimum humidity of aloe vera is 45%-85%. Aloe watering is related to the season: in winter, the growth of aloe vera is inhibited due to temperature. It should be boiled as little as possible. Generally, it should be poured once every 15-20 days. If necessary, foliar spray water can be used to keep the pot soil properly dry(cheap 2 gallon container). Conducive to the safe winter of aloe. In the spring, when the temperature is 15-25 ° C, watering is performed once every 5-7 days.

Because the climate varies from region to region(plastic nursery pots), aloe vera watering should be flexible. Excessive moisture will cause it to rot, and the leaves will have brown plaque or brown rot. At this point, the water supply is stopped and it will slowly recover. If there is a lack of water, it will be dying and the leaves will wither. The correct method of watering is: when watering, it is best not to pour from the head, but should be poured from the side or the root, do not let the water be poured on the blade(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer), so as to avoid damage to the leaves due to high water temperature.

(large black growers pots wholesale suppliers russia)The interval between watering and the time of watering depends on the season and weather(wholesale nursery pots). Spring and autumn should be watered in the morning, and watering should be done once a week. If the weather is very clear and the climate is dry, it should be watered once every 5 days. In the rainy season, water is poured about 10 days. It is best to water once a day in the summer, watering in the evening, and letting the water infiltrate at night(bulk half gallon pots). Do not water in the morning, because it is easy to burn the roots, and evaporate quickly, can not achieve the purpose of watering.

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