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Potatoes, also known as potatoes(4.33inch plastic plant pots). The basic fertilizer is the main fertilizer for potato, generally accounting for 60% - 70% of the total amount of fertilizer. The experiment shows that the yield of base fertilizer can be increased by 5% ~ 8%. The base fertilizer shall be applied in combination with soil preparation or covering(5 gallon pots bulk). After sowing, each mu shall be covered with 2000-2500 kg of organic fertilizer, and then covered with 150 kg of rice straw.

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The fertilizer is mainly applied in strips and then covered with soil(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). At this time, the source of organic fertilizer is wide, the material is convenient and the nutrient is complete. It is an ideal potato organic fertilizer and seed cover material. Covering with straw can not only increase the air permeability of soil, but also make the potato skin smooth and glossy(72 cell flats), improve the commodity of potato, and increase the content of soil organic matter after rotting.(large black heavy duty plastic planters supplier)

The Spring Festival has passed, and the fertilization of potatoes after the Spring Festival can not be ignored(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). How to apply fertilizer scientifically in the Spring Festival. The following is easy to use. 3 days later, 2 kg of sulfur is applied to each mu at the same time(rootmaker propagation trays). The results showed that the application of potassium fertilizer in the later stage could not only increase the yield by 3% - 6%, but also increase the rate of commercial quality by 2% - 3% compared with the control.

Nitrogen fertilizer should not be late in top dressing, and potassium fertilizer is the main fertilizer in the middle and late stage(4.72inch plastic plant pots). It can be applied in 2-3 times, and the first topdressing can be carried out when the seedlings are in full bloom, so as to promote the early development and increase the photosynthesis area(online plastic pots for plants). Nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 30% of the total amount of nitrogen application, and potassium fertilizer accounts for 20% of the total amount of potassium application.

(large black heavy duty plastic planters supplier)When the fertilizer is applied with water, there is a shallow layer at the bottom of the ditch, and the water should be drained immediately after the application(4.13inch plastic plant pots). When budding, the second topdressing can promote the continuous growth of stem and leaf, increase the area of photosynthesis, and promote the expansion of tuber(plastic planters canada). In the future, 4-5 kg of imported compound fertilizer should be applied to every mu with poor seedling potential. At present, the ratio of N: P: K is 16:16:16.

It is suggested that 20% of the total amount of nitrogen and 40% of the total amount of potassium should be applied in this topdressing(plastic potting pots). The top dressing should be carried out in the afternoon at ordinary times. The fertilizer should not be stained with the leaves. After the fertilizer is spread, it should be watered immediately to accelerate the dissolution of the fertilizer, and the leaves should be cleaned at the same time(shallow germination trays with holes). It contains not only phosphorus, but also sulfur, calcium and other elements.

High potassium spray was used every 7-10 days to prevent premature aging and accelerate starch accumulation(3.94inch plastic plant pots). Applying enough basal fertilizer can promote the early stage of potato to flourish its branches and leaves and develop its roots. Generally used fertilizer: nitrogen fertilizer is mainly urea(five gallon nursery pots). Urea is a mild fertilizer, which is not easy to burn seedlings and roots. It needs to be decomposed and transformed before it can be absorbed by crops. Superphosphate is suitable for phosphorus fertilizer.(large black heavy duty plastic planters supplier)

Potassium fertilizer is potassium chloride, which can be mixed with three kinds of fertilizer and applied into the border in strip form(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). For the first time, ammonium bicarbonate and superphosphate can be used for top dressing. When applying fertilizer, ammonium bicarbonate should be fully dissolved, so as to avoid burning leaves due to too high concentration of bottom fertilizer solution(buy succulent pots). In the middle and later period, urea, potassium chloride or imported compound fertilizer were used.

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