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Large Black Plastic Flower Pots Manufacturers

In order to achieve the purpose of improving characters, promoting each other and saving labor, it is necessary to mix sesame with chemical fertilizer(black plastic growers pots). When they are mixed, chemical reactions will occur, which will affect the fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, some of the above fertilizers can be mixed, some of them should be applied immediately after mixing(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), and some of them cannot be mixed. See which fertilizers can't be mixed.

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If the chemical fertilizer is not mixed with bacterial fertilizer such as Rhizobium fertilizer(plastic plant pots manufacturers), because the chemical fertilizer has strong corrosiveness, volatility and water absorption, if it is mixed with bacterial fertilizer, it will kill or inhibit living bacteria and make the fertilizer invalid. Ammonium sulfate can not be mixed with ash and ammonium bicarbonate(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Sesame is one of the main oil crops in China, which has high application value. 

(large black plastic flower pots manufacturers)Ammonia should not be mixed with human excrement and urine(ten gallon pot), straw ash, potassium fertilizer, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, urea, ammonium bicarbonate, etc. ammonium bicarbonate should not be mixed with straw ash, human excrement and urine, potassium fertilizer and nitrogen(40 cell plug tray wholesale). If they are mixed, it will cause acid-base reaction, reduce fertilizer efficiency, and make calcium fix phosphorus, leading to "both failure".

The insoluble phosphate fertilizer, such as phosphate rock powder and bone powder(teku plastic nursery pots), should not be mixed with the basic fertilizer, such as straw ash, lime ammonia and lime, or it will neutralize the organic acids in the soil, making the insoluble phosphate fertilizer more difficult to dissolve and the crops can not be absorbed and utilized(9cm plastic grow pots). Therefore, urea and carbamate should not be mixed or applied at the same time.(large black plastic flower pots manufacturers)

The basic fertilizer such as calcium magnesium phosphate should not be mixed with ammonium fertilizer because the combination of basic fertilizer and ammonium fertilizer such as ammonium sulfate(black succulent pot), ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium chloride will lead to and increase ammonia volatilization loss and reduce fertilizer efficiency(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). However, the physical and chemical properties of different fertilizers are different. 

(large black plastic flower pots manufacturers)According to the experiment, because the main component of human and animal manure is nitrogen(succulent plant pots bulk), if mixed with strong alkaline fertilizer, it will neutralize and fail. Superphosphate should not be mixed with basic fertilizers such as straw ash, lime nitrogen and lime(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), because superphosphate contains free acid and has an acid reaction, while the above-mentioned basic fertilizers contain more calcium.

Moreover, urea should not be mixed with carbon and ammonia(plastic plant pot suppliers). After urea is applied to the soil, it needs to be converted into ammonia before it can be absorbed by crops. Its conversion speed is much slower in alkaline condition than in acid condition. The pH value was 8.2 ~ 8.4(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). The mixed use of carbon and ammonia in farmland will slow down the conversion of urea into ammonia, which is easy to cause urea loss and volatilization loss.

It is very important for the growth of sesame to apply fertilizer at the flowering stage(plastic nursery pots suppliers). If we apply fertilizer correctly and reasonably, we can bring high yield to our sesame. Its stem is upright, its leaves are wide, its stems, leaves and flowers are densely hairy, and its ability to receive and attach fertilizer solution is strong, so the effect of foliar fertilizer spraying is particularly good(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Sesame has a long-term advantage.(large black plastic flower pots manufacturers)

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