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Large Black Plastic Flower Pots Suppliers In China

In general, many people know that olives are good crops, and they are grown in many areas with good returns(soil block propagation trays). If you want to grow olives, you must first understand the price of the seedlings. How much is an olive seedling? What time is better to plant it? Let's take a look at it together(cell trays). Common types of olive seedlings are green olive seedlings, yellow olive seedlings, black olive seedlings, and olive seedlings. 

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Green olive seedlings are 10-20 meters high and cost 16 yuan per tree(shallow microgreen trays). The specific method is that the current green olive seedlings are 50-60cm high and the price is 35 yuan / tree. Yellow olive seedlings, rice diameter 4 cm, ground diameter 2 cm, price 7 yuan / tree. This price of olive tree comes from the wholesale price, for your reference only(square nursery pots). The olive seedlings are planted at different times, and should be determined according to the seedlings.

(large black plastic flower pots suppliers in china)Generally, olive seedlings are planted before and after Qingming(best microgreen trays). In the period of March to May, if it is a nutrient bag seedling, other time can be planted except winter. So the most eaten is olive oil. The yield of different olive tree varieties is different. If it is an efficient variety, 30 trees per acre can be planted, and the fruit can be produced in 3 years(seed starter trays). The fruit can be produced in 5 years. Each tree can produce 20-30 kg of fruit.

The fruit will reach its peak period after 25 years(lavender plug trays wholesale). The average is 25 kg. 750 kg of fruit, 20-30 kg of virgin oil can be produced per 100 kg of raw fruit, that is, about 180 kg of oil can be produced per acre. It is understood that the output value of one acre of olive tree is more than 10,000 yuan(wholesale nursery pots). Although olive trees can be planted with high efficiency, there are still relatively few people planted and the market demand is large, so the outlook is very good.(large black plastic flower pots suppliers in china)

Do you have anything to make up for olive tree cultivation? Ensure surface temperature and promote the proper growth of vegetable roots(propagation trays canada). Adjust the pH of the land, promote the normal growth of vegetables, and ensure the quality of vegetables. After 3 to 4 years of grafting, the grafted seedlings can flower and bear fruit. But at this time, the amount of fruit is small(wholesale greenhouse pots). The yield of each tree is a few kilograms. The fruit will not be normal after 7 years.

(large black plastic flower pots suppliers in china)After 6-10 years, it enters the fruit-growing period, and each tree can produce more than 50 kg of fruit(succulent propagation tray). The highest yielding plant can reach more than 500 kilograms. One. Black olive seedlings are 10-16 meters high and cost 16 yuan per tree(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The adoption of the cultivation tank can improve the air permeability of the substrate in the tank, which is beneficial to the irrigation and the clarity of the saline and alkaline soil.

Prepare a large foam box or plastic box, you can plant more(large plastic plant containers). Fill the foam box with nutrient soil. If ordinary garden soil is used, it is recommended to mix some microbial agents, special fertilizers for vegetables and fruits to improve soil fertility, otherwise the leek will grow thin and yellow(flat plastic tray). The cultivation tank can quickly provide nutrients for the vegetables in the facility and improve soil fertility. Leek is generally slower to sow, and we mostly use the root system.(large black plastic flower pots suppliers in china)

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