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Large Black Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Ireland

Then, at the same time, the plant Yushu is also more fertile, of course, excessive fertilization will lead to rotten roots(plastic nursery pots), as well as yellow leaves. Yushu likes a moist growth environment, but at the same time it is drought-tolerant and water-resistant. If the old leaves are yellow and the area is not large, the degree is not deep, it is generally a normal metabolic phenomenon. Yulu is a group of succulents(105 cell trays bulk), but because its leaves are green and crystal clear, beautiful and beautiful, it has a very high ornamental value.

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(large black plastic flower pots wholesale ireland)Undoubtedly, when Yulu is sunburned, it will inevitably reduce its ornamental value and may even affect its normal growth(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Then, what is the characteristic of Yulu after being sunburned? When Yulu is sunburned, the lower part of the blade will turn gray or yellow, and some leaves will obviously appear chlorotic(98 cell trays bulk). However, this is only a relatively light situation. If the sunburn is serious, it may cause cracking and watering of the full leaves.

So, is there any good way to restore normal growth after the sunburn of the meaty jade(black plastic nursery pots)? In fact, there is no way to let the sunburned jade quickly return to normal, because as long as the sun is sunburned, The recovery process is quite long. Usually recovery time is much longer than sunburn(72 cell trays bulk). As a home user, Yulu is generally cultivated as a potted plant for appreciation or embellishment of the home environment.

(large black plastic flower pots wholesale ireland)First of all, we need to move the sun-dried jade dew to a sunny and well-ventilated sunny place(plug trays wholesale), and the maintenance method is not special. It only needs to be managed according to the normal method. After a long time, its leaves will be The state of being sunburned gradually returned to normal. Since Yulu is sunburned, it is imperative to control the light(50 cell trays bulk). And we can't be too hasty and eager to achieve, otherwise the results may be counterproductive.

Don't worry about whether the jade that is sunburned in the shaded environment will hang(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In fact, we only need to wait for the normal maintenance method to stay there. After all, Yulu's vitality is still relatively tenacious, and the glare or exposure of a moment will not let it die quickly. However, the window surface of Yulu looks very tender(32 cell trays bulk). In fact, it is also more afraid of direct sunlight, otherwise it will easily cause sunburn in plants.(large black plastic flower pots wholesale ireland)

Then, we only need to move it to the sunny place where the scattered light is sufficient(wholesale nursery pots), and we don't have to deliberately ask for any shortcuts, because there is no shortcut at all. Moreover, if you are too eager, you may have something to do, and the result must be sad. After all, the recovery process after sunburn is very long, and it is necessary to go through the treatment of turning over the pot from time to time(21 cell trays bulk). In that case, it is not good for the plant to return to the normal leaf color state.

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