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Large Black Plastic Garden Pots Wholesale USA

Of course, we also don't want to water and fertilize, because the sunburn of Yulu is usually in the summer(128 cell trays bulk). Yulu is easier to enter dormant or semi-dormant state in the summer. If it is deliberately increased watering and fertilization due to sunburn, it will cause growth problems. For example, rotten root and black rot are the most prone to summer jade, watering and fertilizing(square nursery pots). The words are not only futile, but also counterproductive, thus increasing the degree of damage to the jade.

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(large black plastic garden pots wholesale usa)What should I do if Yulu is sunburned? Although it is impossible to recover quickly, we must try our best to restore it(162 cell trays bulk). It can be combined with changing pots. It can also dig young plants next to the jade mother plant in the growing season. Roots or roots can survive. Roots can be planted directly. Rootless seedlings should be dried for 1-2 days. Replanting, the newly planted plants should not be watered too much(wholesale nursery pots), so as not to cause rot, and then normal management after growing new roots.

Seeds can be sown with the seedlings(200 cell trays bulk). After the small buds grow to 2-3cm, they are removed and dried for 2-3 days. After the wounds are dried, they are cut in the culture soil and kept in the semi-dry state after the insertion. New roots can be grown after 3 weeks. You can choose healthy and full fleshy leaves, cutting in the well-drained matrix such as vermiculite or coarse sand during the growth period, keeping the pot soil slightly moist after insertion(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the roots of the fleshy leaves are easy to root, and grow small buds, etc. It can be planted separately.

Generally, it is carried out in the morning when the flowering is carried out in a sunny day(112 cell trays bulk). The method is to select two kinds of jade dew that bloom at the same time, or to use the same species as the 12-volume genus Shou, Vientiane, etc. for pollination. The parent requires a compact plant, the leaves are thick and full, the transparency of the "window" is high, the petals are removed during pollination, the pollen is removed and applied to the stigma of another flower, and the pollen can be removed the afternoon before, and carefully preserved(plug trays wholesale). The pollination was carried out the next morning and the success rate was higher.

(large black plastic garden pots wholesale usa)There may be some variegated plants in the sowing seedlings(288 cell trays bulk), and the young plants with compact plant type, fleshy leaf hypertrophy, high transparency and obvious veins can be selected as seedlings, perhaps a precious variegated variation. Plant. The Yushu grows water once every 2-3 days, but it cannot make the basin too wet, and it can't accumulate water(black plastic nursery pots). The above is about the introduction of the breeding method of the round head Yulu, let's look at some pest control of the round head Yulu!

Only by artificial pollination, Yulu can seed. Planting is carried out after the plants have matured(20 cell trays bulk). The sowing soil can be mixed with 3 parts of vermiculite, humus soil or 2 parts of turf soil. It is best to sterilize the soil before sowing to eliminate the bacteria and eggs in the soil. Cover the glass piece after sowing, and emerge about 20 days. Remove the glass piece after emergence, pay attention to ventilation, do not make the soil too dry(plastic nursery pots wholesale), pay attention to transplanting seedlings when the seedlings are overcrowded.

If you find a seedling with a different leaf color(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), save it, and don't try to find a shortcut to let the leaves return to normal quickly and repeatedly toss. Therefore, when the succulent plants have sunburn, the temperature is high and the weather is hot. The strong light is a typical characteristic of summer. The leaves of the jade in the lower part of the plant will grow young shoots(plastic nursery pots). For the species that are not easy to shoot, the growth point of the center of the plant can be destroyed to promote the sprouting of the shoots.(large black plastic garden pots wholesale usa)

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