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Large Black Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers USA

Variety of gourd zucchini, ready to eat when mature(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Because of its fresh and tender fragrance, crunchy and refreshing, rich in nutrients, it is favored by people. Then place the tray neatly in the seedbed, pour enough water and cover the film to build a small arch shed(plastic flower pots wholesale). Diseased at night the shed was covered with 250g / m2 non-woven fabric. Proper seedlings should be made before planting.

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It is widely cultivated in the south of China. The early stage yield of Gourd Gourd cultivation in protected field is high, and the disease is light(15 cell propagation trays wholesale). The number of 667m2 plantings is more than double that of open field(plastic plant pots bulk). The large fruit type has the characteristics of vigorous growth, strong disease resistance, good shape of melon, and long storage time, and is suitable for stand cultivation in a protected field. 1000-1200 plants are planted at 667m2.(large black plastic plant pots suppliers usa)

Golden gourd matrix is prepared according to the ratio of peat: perlite: vermiculite = 3: 1: 1, and before sowing, the trays containing the matrix are stacked together and the holes are pressed to a depth of about 2cm(21 cell propagation trays wholesale). Immediately lay the sprouts of golden gourd seeds flat in the middle of the hole, and cover the substrate immediately after sowing(nursery plant pots wholesale). Controlling above 12 ° C can help the female flowers to form early and reduce the fruiting period Bit.

(large black plastic plant pots suppliers usa)Then, in the spring, 60% of the seedlings arched out of the substrate in time to remove the mulch(32 cell propagation trays wholesale), and after the seedlings were properly cooled, the temperature was controlled at 25 ° C during the day and about 15 ° C at night. When the seedlings grow to three true leaves after one month, they should be planted in the greenhouse in early March(72 cell trays). The temperature during the day can be reduced to about 25 ° C at night.

The plantar surface is 70cm wide, the groove width is 50cm, and the plantar height is 15-20cm. Before planting, lay a 16mm drip irrigation tube on the cultivated loquat(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). The drip irrigation pipe is about 10cm away from the planting line and a white plastic film is placed on the loquat surface, which can increase the ground temperature and protect the fertilizer and water(plastic garden pots wholesale). A hole punch is used to punch holes in the middle of the loquat.

If there is no male flower in the early stage, you can spray the flowering young melon with 20mg / L sitting gualing(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). Hang the vine plastic rope on the wire, and hang a plastic rope on the top of each plant. When the plant is about 30cm high, you can hang the vine with a rope, but it should be done on a sunny morning. After the planting is completed, the small arch shed should be covered(72 cell trays bulk). At night, the small shed is covered with 250g / m2 of non-woven fabric.

When the plant grows to 50cm, all the side branches are removed and only the main vine is left in combination with the vine(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). Due to the low temperature in early spring, the female flower has a low node level. The lower female flower or young fruit should be thinned and the tendrils on the stem vine should be removed to maintain the fruit node position(large plastic planters cheap). It is better to leave the second female flower in 10-15 verses.(large black plastic plant pots suppliers usa)

To accelerate pollination, leave 4-5 leaves in front of the female flower topping, and droop out 1 fruit when the fruit is 100g in size after fruit setting(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). One fruit-shaped, well-developed fruit was selected from each plant(plastic seed trays). Apply 30kg of 48% potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer (16-16-16) every 667m2, and spray 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution 2-3 times at the same time, and fertilize twice during the whole growth period.

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