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Large Black Plastic Planters In Bulk Online UK

Cabbage, also known as cabbage, is a common vegetable in our daily life(square grow pots). It is affordable and many people like it. But in fact, cabbage can also be grown at home. Many friends will plant their favorite vegetables on the balcony. Cabbage is no exception. Summer is coming, it is a good time to plant cabbage(20 cell seed starting trays). The following small series will tell you about the cultivation methods and maintenance points of the cabbage.

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It is ok to put the cabbage seeds directly on the soil substrate, but today Xiaobian introduces a method that allows the seeds to have a higher germination rate(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). First, when we get the seeds, we must first expose them to the sun for 2 days, then soak them in water for a long time, do not dry them after taking them out, use a thin cotton cloth to soak the water, and then wrap the seeds to keep the cotton cloth moist(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). , about 2-3 days, the seeds will sprout.

(large black plastic planters in bulk online uk)The ventilation and light transmission in the shed can also be used(nursery plant pots). We transplanted them into the soil matrix. It is recommended that you use loose and breathable soil. Otherwise, it will be hot and humid in summer. If the soil is not breathable, it may cause the rotten roots of the cabbage. In the prepared soil, a pit 30-35 cm apart (because the cabbage grows up, the volume will be large), a seed that has been germinated in a pit can be buried(40 cell seed starting trays), and finally covered with about 5 cm of soil.

Cabbage that has grown into a small seedling, move to a place where you see weak light, and don't see the strong sunlight during the summer noon(large plastic terracotta pots). Cabbage is more draught, but it can't be too embarrassing. If you put the cabbage on the balcony and the ventilation is better, it is recommended to pour water once every 2-3 days. Here Xiaobian needs to remind everyone, because the weather in summer is changeable(104 cell seed starting trays), so it is necessary to set the frequency of watering according to the situation of the friends.

(large black plastic planters in bulk online uk)After ten days of transplanting the cabbage, it needs to be fertilized(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It is recommended that you use microbial agents. This pure biological preparation is especially suitable for inexperienced balcony friends because it is a kind. Microbial agents made from a variety of probiotics, accidentally sprinkled or burned(gallon pot), can improve the soil environment and increase nutrients in the soil, creating a good environment for the cabbage to grow.

Wait until the first spike of the tomato turns from green to white and then turn off the old leaf diseased leaves at the bottom(plastic plant trays wholesale). After that, the leaves can be partially removed under the second ear, because too many leaves cannot be removed. If the growth of the tomato plant is too strong, then the leaf picking period should be advanced(cell trays). When the second spike flower is pollinated, the first leaf is picked, and the first ear flower leaves a functional leaf, and the remaining leaves are all removed.(large black plastic planters in bulk online uk)

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