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It is necessary to move the potted plants to a cool and ventilated place for maintenance(nursery pots). Only need to provide sufficient scattered light, but also to avoid rain, or splashing the wound when spraying water, otherwise it is not conducive to the healing of the wound, and it is more likely to cause infection. Usually, after the wound has dried up and dried, we will resume normal light and strengthen the management of water and fertilizer(50 cell seed starting trays), because after each topping, the germination of the Gypsophila will increase the consumption of nutrients and water.

(large black plastic planters wholesale supplier)Therefore, watering must be properly controlled after seedlings(black plastic nursery pots). It is then placed in an unlit, shaded environment to ensure that the environment is well ventilated. With all the conditions being met, Gypsophila will emerge between 20 and 35 days after sowing. At this point, it is necessary to pick the heart or top in time, and keep 3-4 pairs of leaves(1020 seed trays), so that the seedlings sprout side buds. Generally, 6-8 side shoots can be reserved for each seedling.

Especially in order to promote rooting and germination, some sticking root powder is applied to the base of the cuttings(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), or it is treated with growth hormone to promote rapid rooting. Due to the strong germination ability of the Gypsophila, a large number of branches will sprout during the growth period. Therefore, when cutting, a 3-4 cuttings are usually inserted into a flower pot(105 cell seed starting trays). Otherwise, the growth may be too dense in the later stage, which may lead to excessive Competition for nutrients and crowding.

(large black plastic planters wholesale supplier)It is recommended that Gypsophila should adopt hard-branched cuttings to breed potted seedlings(large plastic planters). When making cuttings, the length should be kept at 10 cm or more. Originally, 4-5 pairs of leaves are placed on the cuttings. Temperature and moisture management should be done during cutting propagation and seedling raising. The temperature should be kept above 15 °C, and the water spray moisturizing work should be done at the same time(128 cell seed starter trays). It usually takes 3 weeks to take root, and after rooting, it can be transplanted for about 3 weeks.

Avoid direct sunlight during the period, but before planting(seed tray price), but for the family potted users, as the seedlings continue to grow, properly remove the weaker seedlings, the flower plants of the Gypsophila are not only good names, but also flowering The stars of the sky are generally beautiful. Gypsophila is more suitable for planting seedlings in the way of sowing(32 cell seed starting trays), but we also need to master certain methods and techniques during sowing and breeding.(large black plastic planters wholesale supplier)

Because the roots of the Gypsophila are developed, it is easy to cause rotten roots due to water accumulation(100 gallon smart pots wholesale). Gypsophila is usually suitable for breeding in spring and autumn. Spring should be in February-May, and in autumn, it should be in August-October. Although the requirements for the potting soil of the rice plant are not particularly high, as long as the soil is kept fertile, porous, breathable and alkaline(128 cell seedling start trays). However, if it is a breeding seedling, it is recommended to use a relatively high quality substrate as a seedbed.

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