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Large Black Plastic Pots For Plants Suppliers China

Fertilizer should be applied with sufficient base fertilizer(plastic nursery pots), choose black peanut varieties with high yield, good quality, and strong resistance to disease and stress, and strive to achieve high yield. Choose varieties and seeds with high purity and pods that are full and neat, the size of the seed kernels, dark and uniform(growing flats). Before sowing, choose a sunny weather for 2 to 3 days with shells.

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The sun-dried fruits before sowing can make the seeds dull, reduce the persecution of germs, and promote post-ripening(plug trays wholesale), so as to improve the viability of the seeds, germinate quickly, and neatly emerge. Husks are husked at the appropriate time, and then husked when they are near sowing(plastic gallon pots). Before sowing, the seed selection of seeds should be stopped, broken, moldy, and peeled seeds should be eliminated.(large black plastic pots for plants suppliers china)

The kernels are divided into first, second and third grades according to large, medium and small grades, and the first and second grades are used as seeds(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Stop seed dressing with seed coating before sowing to reduce the persecution of germs and underground pests. Late sowing in due time to prevent low temperature and cold damage(plastic garden pots for sale). Plastic film spring sowing was sown around April 25, and open field spring sowing was sown in early May.

(large black plastic pots for plants suppliers china)Base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and combined with organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer(square nursery pots); topdressing depends on the fertility, the amount of base fertilizer application and the development of peanuts. Black peanuts are harvested in real time as they mature(large plastic flower pots cheap). Prematurely the seed coat is not dark and the grain color is not uniform. Tile the pruned branches on the surface of the soil. 

Choose pods that are boring, not moldy, not covered, and have no buds or rotten seeds(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Also, be careful not to grow dull and stuffy. First, it should be fully boring before it can be stored in the human bank. The sterilized knife can be wiped with 75% alcohol with cotton dipped, or you can burn it with fire, and then cut the branches after cooling, be careful not to yourself and the branches(small plastic flower pots bulk); spray the water bottle to ensure that the water is sprayed evenly.

The cutting step is robust, cut several sections, and at least 4-6 leaves should be taken to ensure the nutritional supply when the plant is not yet rooted(seed starter trays). The color is not bright, and the incision should be neat. The inhomogeneous incision is easy to be infected by bacteria or fungi, and it should be dried in a cool place(plastic tray for hydroponics). The cultivation medium needs good drainage and good air permeability, and can be mixed with rotten leaf soil + perlite.(large black plastic pots for plants suppliers china)

Black peanuts should be air-dried in real time after harvesting, and turned in the field when drying or spreading in the field(black plastic nursery pots). After sowing the peanuts, the field treatment is the same as that of ordinary peanuts. If there are aerial roots on the branches, bury the aerial roots directly into the soil to improve the survival rate(farm tray). It is a semi-yin plant, and the branch that has just been cut has not grown roots and cannot absorb water on its own.

(large black plastic pots for plants suppliers china)It is not good to harvest black peanuts too early or too late(wholesale nursery pots). Too late, not only the seed germinates more, but also the seed coat becomes dark and the commerciality is reduced. At this stage, the most important thing is to retain water, so it should be placed in a backlight or a place with scattered light and wait for its long roots(3 gallon nursery pots for sale). Also pay attention to spray water on the blades to maintain a humid environment.

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