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Large Black Plastic Tree Planters Wholesale

Sunflower, a sunflower family, annual, high 1 to 3.5 meters. Stems erect, rounded and angular, hard and hard white(black plastic flower pots). If the broad-ovate leaves are usually alternate, the apex is sharp or acuminate, with a base of 3 veins, margins with coarse serrations, rough sides, coats and long handles. Flower heads, 10 to 30 cm in diam., solitary on culms or branches(square plastic plant trays). The following is an analysis of sunflower flowering and sunflower cultivation techniques.(large black plastic tree planters wholesale)

Sunflower is native to the tropics, but it has a strong adaptability to temperature(seed cell trays). It is a warm and cold-tolerant crop. In the field, 75% of the plants have lingual flowers that open, that is, enter the flowering stage. It is suitable for both young and old, sprayed 10 days before sowing, and in order to improve fertility, then when is the sunflower flowering period? How long is the sunflower flowering period? The main flowering period of sunflower is from mid-July to mid-August(small plant pots plastic). The flowering period can be more than two weeks, and it usually takes 6 to 9 days.

Sunflower seeds are highly resistant to low temperatures(large outdoor plastic plant pots), and a disk is opened from the lingual flower to the opening of the tubular flower. From the second day to the fifth day is the flowering period of the inflorescence. The number of flowering in these 4 days accounted for about 75% of the number of flowering. The flowers are open at 4 to 6 in the morning and pollinated and fertilized the next morning(plastic succulent pots). Unfertilized branches can remain for 7 to 10 days without wilting.

(large black plastic tree planters wholesale)Once it occurs, the local temperature is stable(nursery supplies pots). Above 2 °C, the seeds begin to germinate; at 4 to 5 °C, the seeds can germinate and root; when the ground temperature reaches 8-10 °C, the seed germination and emergence can be satisfied. The optimum temperature for germination is 31 to 37 ° C, and the maximum temperature is 38 to 44 ° C. Sunflowers grow normally during the entire growth process as long as the temperature is not lower than 10 °C.

The self-pollination rate of sunflower is extremely low, only about 3%, and the cross-pollination rate is high(nursery tray manufacturers). In the appropriate temperature range, the higher the temperature, the faster the development. Then, the sunflower plants are tall, the leaves are dense and dense, and they are crops that consume more water(plastic planting pots). It was budded to flowering, which was the peak of water demand, and the water requirement accounted for about 43% of the total water requirement. 

It absorbs 1.74 times more water than corn(7 gallon plastic pots). However, due to its growth and development, it is synchronized with local rain and heat, and the contradiction between water supply and demand is not prominent. The requirements for water in different growth stages of sunflower vary widely. From sowing to bud, it is more drought-resistant and requires less water, only 1.9% of total water demand(72 cell trays). Appropriate drought is conducive to root growth and enhanced drought resistance.

After 15 days, the medicine was sprinkled again. The lack of water in this period has a great impact on production(cell seedling trays). This stage coincides with more rainfall, which basically meets the water needs of sunflower growth and development. If it is too dry, it needs to be replenished(3.5 inch square plastic pots). Flowering to maturity requires more water, accounting for 38% of the total water. Insufficient moisture not only affects production, but also reduces oil content.(large black plastic tree planters wholesale)

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