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The pottery friends like to plant strawberries at home, and enjoy the beauty brought by the potted plants while enjoying the pleasure of tasting the sweet and delicious fruits(plastic plant trays wholesale). However, if you want to achieve the above wishes through your own potted strawberries, this is not an easy task. No, some good mouths are caught in a dilemma on the issue of watering(gallon pot). How to water the potted strawberries? Is it more appropriate to pour water for a few days?(large cheap plastic terracotta planters online)

All know that potted plants and plants need to be strictly controlled on the issue of watering(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), especially for some more delicate plant varieties. If there is too much watering, it may cause water in the basin, which may cause rotten roots; if the watering is too small, it may not achieve our purpose of replenishing water(104 cell seed starting trays). The same is true for potted strawberries, especially if they want to hang delicious fruits, and they are high-quality fruits.

Moreover, the evaporation of water is relatively large, so the requirement for moisture is relatively high(large plastic terracotta pots). It is more important to note that potted strawberries have different requirements for hydration at different stages of growth. In the early spring and flowering period, it is recommended to keep the potting soil with 70% water retention(105 cell seed starter trays); the requirements for water in the growing season and fruit ripening period are higher, basically reaching 80% or more.

(large cheap plastic terracotta planters online)However, the roots of strawberries are usually distributed relatively lightly(nursery plant pots), especially in potted strawberries. Everything is based on the "appropriate amount". Watering can not be sloppy! Do not fall below 60%. But at the same time, strawberry does not have the characteristics of water resistance(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), so it is necessary to keep the potting soil with good permeability, drainage measures must be done well, avoid water in the basin.

I hope that one day, even after harvesting fruits, when the strawberry plants sprouted adventitious buds(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), the moisture of the potting soil should not be lower than 70% after growing the stolons; and the autumn is the season when the strawberries accumulate nutrients and form flower buds, and the soil moisture is also the lowest(seedling trays wholesale). You can use clean river water or use tap water stored for 2 days to water. 

In the high temperature environment in summer(square grow pots), the watering of potted strawberries should generally be carried out before 10 am and after 4 pm. During the growth period, it is advisable to pour water every other day and night, and it is better to pour water, and at the same time do loose soil work to facilitate watering(200 cell seed starter trays), and also improve the breathing and extraction functions of the roots.(large cheap plastic terracotta planters online)

Of course, we need to decide the watering according to the water holding capacity of the soil or the soil moisture(cell trays). As for the previously mentioned watering for a long time, considering that the strawberry plant is both moist and afraid of being flooded, it is generally possible to keep watering once a week, usually by seeing water flowing out from the bottom of the basin(plant start trays wholesale). However, in general, you need to explore and summarize in practice.

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