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Copper money grass, many people are super like to breed, this copper money grass is such a flattering(lavender plug trays wholesale), how does copper money grass water culture change soil culture? What is the difference between copper money grass and money grass: hydroponic copper money grass moved into the soil to cultivate In the middle, from the time of transplanting(green plastic hanging baskets), do not water, wait for the water in the container to basically dry, and then plant the copper money into the soil.

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Copper money grass is easier to feed(propagation trays canada), but also has a symbol of wealth, many people like to breed at home. Aquaculture copper grass is mainly hydroponics and soil culture, hydroponic cultivation is relatively simple, many people tend to raise water copper grass. Copper money grass prefers the growth of the shade, and occasional sunlight can also promote it(3 inch succulent pots). The soil requirements are better to use well-drained cultivated soil, which can survive well in a humid or less arid environment.

(large decorative plastic planters wholesale)Keep the soil moist for a few days, and gradually restore the watering amount after 3 days(succulent propagation tray). Keep the soil moist for a few days, and gradually restore it after 3 days. The amount of water can be! In addition to this, it is also possible to distinguish between the growth places of the two plants. Money grass will grow in a moderately suitable place, but it will not grow on the water(plastic starter plant pots). It is generally recommended that the rhizome be covered. 

In general, if there is no professional cultivated soil, you can use the vegetable garden soil to match the river sand(large plastic plant containers). Therefore, it is recommended that the roots of the copper grass can not be planted too deeply. In winter, the copper grass is kept dry, and the moisture in the soil is minimized. In the daily environment, the sunlight is generally selected for half a day, and the flowers in summer can be completely cloudy(one gallon pot). Usually, you can choose half-sunlight.

The watered flowers are suitable to keep the soil moist(cheap plant containers for sale). The copper grass grows around July, and it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of organic fertilizer. After the flower is thanked, it is necessary to add fertilizer at the right time. The hydroponic copper money grass is moved into the soil culture(1 gallon pots bulk). From the time of transplanting, do not water, wait for the water in the container to basically dry, and then plant the copper money into the soil.(large decorative plastic planters wholesale)

Although the leaves of the money grass are similar to the copper grass, they are all round(hydroponic trays for sale). However, there are still some subtle differences between the two. Copper money grass is like its name, which is like copper coins. Moreover, the flowers of the money grass are yellow, and the flowers of the copper grass are white(2 gallon pots wholesale). During this flowering period, it is believed that these two plants can be distinguished relatively easily by utilizing this property.

(large decorative plastic planters wholesale)The copper money grass is exactly the opposite(plastic bonsai pots for sale). Copper money grass likes water, and it must be copper money grass found at the water's edge. Therefore, the planting of the money grass requires soil, and the copper grass can even grow directly in the water, without the need for soil(4 inch plastic pots bulk). In addition to the difference in appearance and growth, there is one more point to note, that is, the use of these two plants in the medical field.

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