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Generally, in addition to retaining 3-4 stems and leaves under the residual flowers, they can be cut off together(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). Crab-claw can be topdressed on the eve of the flowering season or even before the buds. Moreover, in order to ensure that the plant can extract enough nutrients to form flower buds on the flowering branches, it is necessary to ensure the nutrients in advance by topdressing before the flower buds appear(plastic nursery pots). However, it is usually necessary to stop fertilization in time after the flower buds are basically formed. Otherwise, it may cause a lot of buds in the crab claw orchid, which will also affect the flowering effect.

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(large outdoor plastic plant pots wholesale uk)Not only that, but when the crab claw orchid blooms and flowers(1 gallon nursery pots supplier), it tends to enter the trim state. Although the dormant period is not long, the crab claw orchid consumes a lot of nutrients due to flowering. At this time, the plant grows weakly. Although nutrients are needed to supplement it, the extraction ability is not strong enough, so it is necessary to enter a self-repair and The state of the adjustment(plastic nursery pots wholesale). At this time, it is not advisable to fertilize it. Originality may cause fat damage, which may affect the growth of the plant.

In short, after the consumption of water is reduced, the watering should be properly controlled(cheap 7 gallon plant pots), and it is generally preferable to keep the soil in a semi-dry and semi-wet state. Because at this time, if the water is replenished like other seasons, and the root system of the plant is still under the condition of low water absorption capacity, it will inevitably cause water accumulation in the basin(black plastic nursery pots); but if the soil is too dry at this time, the root system of the plant will not be properly absorbed. When the water comes to the water, the phenomenon of early flower fading occurs.

(large outdoor plastic plant pots wholesale uk)This is inevitably annoying and regrettable(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Have you remembered it? It can be seen that the watering work of the potted crab claw orchid period is very important, which not only affects the quantity and quality of flowering, but also determines the growth state of this plant. Therefore, we need to be cautious and let the watering work be done in a targeted and just right way(plug trays wholesale). Too much or too little watering is unfavorable for plant growth, mainly due to important negative effects on pregnancy buds and flowering.

For the topdressing of crab claw orchid(cheap 2 gallon plant pots), in addition to the flowering and dormancy period can not be fertilized, usually in other cases can be normal fertilization, because this crab claw orchid itself is relatively fertile, scientifically and rationally through fertilization to increase nutrients, this It is very advantageous for the growth of plants. Usually in the growth phase of Crab-claw, especially during the vigorous growth period, it is necessary to increase the amount of fertilizer(wholesale nursery pots); after the flower is released from the dormant period, it can be properly topdressed.

(large outdoor plastic plant pots wholesale uk)Fertilization under normal conditions can be maintained once every half month(cheap 1 gallon plant pots), especially in the first few seasons before flowering, and some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers need to be added appropriately. In addition to the principle of thin fertilization, the crab claw orchid can be supplemented with nutrients in the growing season. Usually, the flowering period is not suitable for top dressing(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). However, some people have suggested that they do not know how to make the rice water fermented. For the weaker crab claw plant, we can increase the concentration appropriately.

Usually after the flower is opened in spring and the flowers are thanked(heavy duty plant pots), we first need to remove the residual flowers and cut off the branches in time. In fact, the watering of the potted crab claw orchid period is mainly to water the pregnant bud period and full bloom period. The potted crab claws in the full bloom period should be placed at a relatively low temperature, which is very beneficial for prolonging the flowering period of the plants(square nursery pots). Since the temperature is low, the amount of water is reduced both in evaporation and in the amount absorbed.

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