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Large Plastic 20 Gallon Tree Pot Manufacturer

There are many flowers that need to be changed in spring(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). For example, the tortoiseshell bamboo, Chlorophytum and so on. There are some flowers that need to be changed every 3-5 years. Many people don't like to change the pots. However, after the nutrients in the soil are absorbed by the flowers, the soil will slowly become barren(plastic terracotta pots), and it's not good to increase the development effect of fertilizer.

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Today, Huahua will introduce to you the precautions for changing pots(1 gallon plant pots). For example, many flowers are dormant in winter, so it's best to choose the time before winter or spring. There are also some flowers suitable for changing pots in winter, but it's better not to change pots in summer(5 gallon nursery pots). It is also not suitable for changing pots in the vigorous development period of flowers, such as flowering period and fruiting period.(large plastic 20 gallon tree pot manufacturer)

The water poured at this time is called root fixing water, which can better make the root system adapt to the situation and develop continuously(2 gallon plant pots). And the root water must be poured thoroughly, and then handed in when it is dry. Those like succulent can survive without watering, even if they are slightly buried in the soil(propagation pots). After changing pots, flowers need a certain time to adapt to the situation, which is called slow seedling stage.

When a new pot is replaced, you must remember to water the pot(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). At the moment of slow seedling, flowers are in poor condition, just like those who have just finished the operation, they should be placed in a cool and windy place, which is not suitable for them to receive the light immediately, even if the flowers can live in the strong light originally(10 gallon plant pot), they should be moved to the place with astigmatism three days later, and gradually receive the light.

(large plastic 20 gallon tree pot manufacturer)After the basin is replaced, water can be poured and put in a cool and windy place(25 gallon plastic pots). As the root system is damaged, the branches and leaves will reduce the loss. But changing the basin is equivalent to doing a "operation" on the flowers. If not, it will also cause great damage to the flowers(nursery pots). At this moment, you should give priority to the restoration of roots, and it is not difficult for the plants to blossom again if the roots are restored well.

In general, because of their shallow roots, they must not stop the second pot change during the slow seedling period, and flowers will receive more damage(7 gallon plant pots). Before changing pots, you can prune the flowers, remove all the withered and yellow leaves, cut down the necessary nutrients of the leaves, and prune the plants with flower buds properly(plastic plant pots uk). The yellow leaves are abnormal signs of self-protection during the slow seedling period.

Otherwise, it is necessary to stop pruning the redundant branches and leaves in a cool period of time(3 gallon nursery pots), and then it is better to take the original basin soil, reduce the root damage and transplant it into a new basin. After three days, judge whether it is necessary to water according to the soil, and then gradually put it in a sunny place(plastic planters wholesale). Have you learned it? Otherwise, it's easy to show signs of falling flowers and fruits after changing pots.(large plastic 20 gallon tree pot manufacturer)

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