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Large Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale Suppliers UAE

Before sowing cucumber seeds(15 cell trays bulk), treat them in a thermostat at about 50 ° C for 3 days and nights, change to 70-80 ° C, and then treat for another 1 day and night to eliminate cucumber mosaic disease; treat them in a 75 ° C thermostat for 4-6 days Eliminate melon vine germs. It has a wide range of hosts(90mm plastic grow pots). Strengthen the cultivation of soil moisture, promote rooting and slow seedlings. Stop watering 7 to 10 days before harvest.

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The scallion staple food is light white, which is developed from the leaf sheath(21 cell trays bulk). The number, thickness and length of leaf sheaths directly affect the yield and quality of green onions. The strong root system and lush tubular leaves are the basis for the formation of light green(10cm plastic grow pots). Therefore, weeds should be caught after the following plantings and enter the hot summer season, which is not suitable for the growth of weeds. Sowing about 3 kg per mu.(large plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers uae)

For example, although cabbage and cabbage are of the same genus and different species, they are not easy to hybridize and do not need to be isolated when seeding(32 cell trays bulk). After heavy rain, water should be drained to prevent waterlogging to avoid rotting roots, yellow leaves and dead seedlings. After the water seeps, withdraw the child, and withdraw it evenly(plastic plant pots bulk). The row spacing is 35 cm, and the second row is grooved to cover the first groove, and so on.

(large plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers uae)Generally make the first and second top dressing in Liqiu and Chushu respectively, each time applying 5 to 7.5 kg of urea, combined with irrigation(50 cell trays bulk). After the frost falls, the temperature turns low, and the irrigation should be reduced appropriately. Should enter the hair-leaving period, and increase the supply of fertilizer and water(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). Cabbage and turnip are different varieties. This period is not too early and should not be watered.

After the white dew, the weather is cool, and the temperature difference between day and night increases, entering a period of rapid formation of light white(98 cell trays bulk). For the third top dressing, 1000 kg of Kang soil or rotted fart fertilizer per acre, and the last top dressing after the autumn equinox, applying 10 kg of urea per acre(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Greenhouse whitefly is a small insect with a piercing sucker and covered with white wax powder all over its body.

Light green growth requires a dark, humid environment(105 cell trays bulk). Therefore, the soil should be softened. Generally combined with top dressing to cultivate soil in Liqiu, Chushu, Bailu, and autumn equinox, each time the thickness of the soil is at the bud opening of the uppermost leaf, and the heart leaf must not be buried(plastic flower pots bulk). Welsh onions are susceptible to thrips and purple spot disease, which makes the onion leaves dry, causing a large reduction in yield.(large plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers uae)

After slowing down the bacteria, every 7 to 10 days, use 200 times Bordeaux solution plus 800 to 1000 times of 40% dimethoate emulsion to prevent until frost(162 cell trays bulk). The leaves of the injured vegetables turn yellow, wilting, and the growth of the plants is seriously hindered(planting trays wholesale). At present, more than 200 crops have been damaged, especially to cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, kidney beans, cabbage, rape, green onions, garlic and other serious damage.

 In the rainy season, we must pay attention to drainage and weeding(200 cell trays bulk). Under normal circumstances, a single plant weighs 0.3 to 0.5 kg, and the yield per mu is 2500 to 3000 kg, sometimes up to 4000 kg. The main cultivation measures are as follows. It is generally appropriate to sow around the Qingming Festival(72 cell plug trays). Bottom water is irrigated before sowing, then withdrawing and covering with soil; seeding can also be carried out, and suppression after sowing.

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