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Large Plastic Decorative Flower Pot Wholesale

Tell the truth, the gallon basin is suitable for the flower friends who know about the flowers and plants(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). By the way, which plants are suitable for the gallon basin, the main features of the injection gallon basin: the flower pot feels hard and the appearance is beautiful; the flower pot surface can be printed on the logo. To achieve brand customization; gallon basins generally add holes at the bottom, which is good for drainage and ventilation(black plastic nursery pots). In foreign nurseries, the larger size of the basin, there are holes in the basin wall, which can better break the air.

(large plastic decorative flower pot wholesale)Whether it is before or now, the bottom of many large flower pots only symbolically opens a hole(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). The bottom of the gallon basin not only opens a row of hydrophobic holes evenly, but also raises the edge of the bottom of the basin to open the product well, so as to prevent the hole from being blocked. The little friends who have just contacted the gardening may still be confused about the specifications of the basin(plug trays wholesale). I don’t know the term gallon. I will introduce the unit of gallon and the pot of the gallon pot today!

In general, innovation with the brain is really delicious in any era(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). What is a gallon? Gallon is a unit of volume (body), the full name of the English name gallon, abbreviated gal, divided into British gallon, American gallon. Volume conversion: According to the Chinese national standard GB3102.1-1993, the conversion relationship is as follows: 1 gallon (US) = 3.785 412 liters. 1 gallon (English) = 4.546 092 liters (accurate value). One of the family is a 2 gallon basin(plastic nursery pots).(large plastic decorative flower pot wholesale)

What is a gallon pot? The gallon pot contains anti-aging additives and has a long service life and can be used for 3 years in the open air(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). At the same time, it is resistant to extrusion, deformation and damage, and it is light and labor-saving. It is convenient for plant transplanting and cost saving. It is the best basin for production turnover at home and abroad. Huajin Plastic Factory introduces advanced technology to make the gallon basin thicker(wholesale nursery pots). Not easily broken and more durable. Contains anti-aging additives for long life and about 5 years in the open air.

The walls of the container are corrugated with a unique vertical strip to prevent the packing from being effectively prevented(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). The basin is very light and labor-saving. Resistance to extrusion, no deformation, no damage. It can be used as a factory production supporting product. A full range of specifications, a variety of options. The rose, the variety of varieties, choose the diligent flower, the large pot new shoots are relatively thick(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the balcony environment is naturally not as superior as the outdoor environment, providing more nutrients for the rose, the season is nutritious enough to promote flowering.(large plastic decorative flower pot wholesale)

Water the rose, strong roots and leaves(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the new bamboo shoots grow to the height that needs to be topped, we will switch to phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. If the nitrogen fertilizer is applied again, the rose will not last long, but it will not differentiate the flower buds, which is not conducive to the flowering and bursting of the rose. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can add momentum to the growth of the rose(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Every 10 days or so, a fertilizer with a high phosphorus and potassium content is applied to the rose to supplement the nutrients for the rose until the end of the rose season.

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