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Large Plastic Garden Pots Cheap Wholesale Suppliers

The high temperature stuffing method can be used(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Common methods for seed treatment include soaking seeds, high temperature sterilization, soaking in warm soup, and dry heat treatment. Soak the seeds with 0.2%-0.3% potassium permanganate solution, remove and rinse, and use high temperature to treat the seeds to kill the pathogens attached to the surface of the seeds(cheap plastic plant pots bulk); soak the seeds in the soaking seeds at a water temperature of 55C for 30 minutes. Fungus.

(large plastic garden pots cheap wholesale suppliers)Disinfection with carbendazim, nursery facilities: summer and autumn seedlings should use 22 to 25 mesh insect nets(24 cell trays bulk), 65% to 75% shading nets, seedlings above 6 leaves or large seedlings with buds, usually 72 holes or 50 holes Seedling tray. Use disposable seedling trays or recyclable trays, the latter should be disinfected in advance(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Matrix preparation: The ratio of matrix to grass: vermiculite: perlite = 3:1:1, the amount of perlite should be appropriately reduced in summer.

Add 1.4 kg of compound fertilizer, 1 kg of NPK content of 20-20-20(4 cell trays bulk). The main point of matrix preparation is that the ingredients are well mixed. When the seeding is dry and wet, the degree of dryness and wetness of the substrate can be agglomerated. The seedlings are very demanding on seeds, and it is not advisable to use seeds with lower bud rate or seeds with poor vigor(large plastic terracotta pots). The matrix is inserted into the plug tray to be tight and suitable, too tight to affect the growth of the seedling, and the substrate sinks after too much watering.

The seedlings can be appropriately cooled and controlled by water after the three leaves and one heart, and the seedlings are cultivated(6 cell trays bulk), but the minimum temperature cannot be lower than 10 °C. If the time is tight, the soil can be disinfected by combining the soil preparation. The shed shed should be carried out 15 to 20 days before planting(plastic plant trays wholesale). Choose varieties with strong disease resistance, strong cold resistance, high quality and high yield, resistant to storage and transportation, low light tolerance and suitable close planting. 

(large plastic garden pots cheap wholesale suppliers)Add 100 grams per cubic meter, pour water into the germination chamber to germination(8 cell trays bulk). In the hot summer season, the temperature is mainly reduced to prevent high temperatures at night. If the temperature is high during the night, you can control the moisture to prevent it from growing. Watering in summer avoids afternoons and evenings, with watering in the morning(square grow pots). The temperature in winter should be kept at no less than 14 ° C, and the temperature should be properly warmed.

The leaf area is 90-100 square centimeters(12 cell trays bulk), reaching 6 to 7 true leaves and now small flower buds, requiring 60-65 days seedling age; summer seedling age is 20 days, plant height is 13-15 cm, stem diameter is 3 mm, leaf area is 30 ~35 square centimeters. The application of the base fertilizer must be fully decomposed, and the active bacteria can be used for rapid decomposing(seed starting trays). After the first crops are pulled, the garden should be cleared in time and the chamber should be disinfected.

(large plastic garden pots cheap wholesale suppliers)The soaking water temperature is 50-52 °C, and the standard of spring commercial seedlings varies depending on the size of the hole(18 cell trays bulk). The 72-well seedling tray is used, the plant height is 18-20 cm, the stem diameter is 4.5 mm, the seeding depth is about 1 cm, and the substrate is plated and sown. After covering the substrate or vermiculite, covering a thickness of 0.5 to 1 cm(gallon pot), dry heat treatment means dry seeds (water content below 10%) in an incubator at 70 C, dry heat treatment for 72 hours.

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