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The fragrance of perfume grass is very attractive and is often used to extract fragrant flower cosmetics(propagation tray). Then artificially cultivated perfume grass to provide sufficient sunlight for it, because perfume grass is a hi-light plant, if in the environment of insufficient light, the perfume grass is easy to grow thin and thin, and severe will not bloom. Potted soil should be fertile loose loam with good drainage(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Generally, 4 parts of garden soil, 3 parts of compost soil, 2 parts of sand and 1 part of plant ash are used.(large plastic hanging baskets suppliers)

Therefore, it is advisable to change the basin 1-2 times during this period to facilitate root development(cell trays). Therefore, after transplanting the upper pot, it is necessary to pick up the heart from the seedlings in time to promote branching and flowering. In addition, the rinsing culture should also be topped to form a dense and complete plant shape. If you want to cultivate a larger plant type, you can use the pillars to support the abduction, and strip all of its lateral buds to make the branches grow to a high degree(large plastic terracotta pots). After the stem grows high, the heart is repeatedly picked up to grow into an umbrella-shaped plant.

Generally, dry and wet will cause the leaves to yellow(plug trays), and water is poured once a day in spring and autumn. The growth in summer is slow. It is best to pour water once in the morning and evening. In winter, you need to properly control the moisture, not too wet, and water once every 3 to 4 days. Perfume grass is a fertile flower. After a week, the top can start topdressing. During the growth period, a thin, decomposed cake fertilizer or fermented chicken manure is applied once a week(nursery plant pots). Apply compound fertilizer once every 2 to 3 weeks.

(large plastic hanging baskets suppliers)During this time, the interval between top dressings can be extended or fertilization can be stopped(gallon nursery pots). Perfume grass is a hi-light plant that requires plenty of sunlight. In an environment with insufficient sunlight, the branches are small, or can not bloom. In the winter, move it to a sunny place; in the summer, place the perfume grass under the shade or shade, and cover the strong sunlight, otherwise the leaves are easy to burn and yellow(cheap plastic plant pots bulk); in spring and autumn, you can make perfume Get enough sunshine.

After standing for a week, it is necessary to pay attention to the current environment of perfume and grass(gallon plant pot). In the spring season, the potting soil should be kept moist. When the summer temperature exceeds 30 °C, the plant grows slowly into a semi-dormant state. If exposed to the sun, the leaves are easy to be yellow. The growth temperature is 15 °C ~ 25 °C, and the temperature can be further maintained at room temperature above 13 °C in winter(square grow pots). The greenhouse can bloom all the year round, the wintering temperature is 5-7 °C, and the temperature drops to about 0 °C, which is frozen.(large plastic hanging baskets suppliers)

It is easy to grow thin and thin, the roots of the plants are developed(black plastic plant pots), the roots are extremely strong, the room temperature is low in winter and the summer is hot. In summer, the pots should be moved to a cool and ventilated place. It takes 2-3 months from seedling to flowering. Perfume grass sowing and breeding is generally carried out in the fall. Be prepared to change the pots and soil, and moisten the soil a week in advance(plastic plant trays wholesale), but be careful not to apply fertilizer when the summer weather is hot and the winter weather is very cold.

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