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Usually, the raw stone flowers and the meat cone flowers that we bought are all without pots and without soil(20 cell seed starting trays). Anyone who has experience in planting stone flowers knows it. Put it in a cool and ventilated place for two days to one week, which will help the wound to heal and prevent the wound from infecting the roots of the bacteria after planting. Planting should be done by dry soil(wholesale nursery pots). After planting, put it in a cool and ventilated place. After the root (about 10 days), it can be managed normally.

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(large plastic nursery containers wholesale suppliers canada)It's useless to keep it. There is a trick about the method of planting(40 cell seed starting trays). The stone can only touch the roots, not the meat! Reconstruction: All the roots should be cut according to the height of the plant, leaving a length of 0.5-1cm. It can be planted in a week. The roots are 1-2, the purpose is to ensure that the plants will not fall. To grow a strong root, the soil should not be too thin, and the water should not be poured more(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), especially the superficial soil will only grow a large number of lateral roots.

At home, the roots are for good seeding(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), and the second is that the stones that have just arrived are transported, and the roots are basically dead. I often hear friends talk about the roots of raw stone and meat cones that they raise. Actually accurate. Say, after the roots are buried, the rotten is not the root of the stone flower, and it is not breathable. Under normal circumstances, as the drainage layer(plug trays wholesale), the root of the stone flower will not rot, but the rotten part is the lower part of the sphere. This part is It is the most rotten place.

(large plastic nursery containers wholesale suppliers canada)The reason for the rottenness is that the culture medium in contact with this part is not good(104 cell seed starting trays), so the solution to the problem of rotten stone and meat cones is to solve the problem of the lower part of the sphere. We usually use a large amount of medium such as red jade soil to pour the pot. 3, then the root is added with a mixture of nutrient medium and granular medium, the lower part of the sphere should be fixed with particle filler(black plastic nursery pots), support the stone, instead of using soil to bury the stone!

On the contrary, it is easy to cause rot infection(105 cell seed starter trays), and the third is to cut off some of the main roots to promote multiple hair roots. The main root is the storage of nutrients, and the roots are nutrients. Stones are not particularly needed to store nutrients. Relatively speaking, the roots are much better. The roots have been repaired for a few days to prevent infection, so that the roots can be dried, and the roots have a process of adapting the soil(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Give water for 3 or 4 days. For the first time, it is best to pour the water of the bactericide.

(large plastic nursery containers wholesale suppliers canada)The first step: preparing the nutrient soil, paving, flower pots, ceramsite, etc. required(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). For soil use, lightning is used for river sand, peat, volcanic rock, rice husk ash, and other particles, and a small amount of water is added to uniformly stir the soil. (The ratio is 60% of river sand, 15% of volcanic rock, 15% of peat, rice ash, 10% of other granules.) The amount of carbendazim can be slightly increased(plastic nursery pots). Due to the high temperature service period in summer, the raw stone flower can be placed indoors for ventilation and astigmatism, such as a balcony.

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