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Large Plastic Nursery Plant Growing Containers

At this time, the temperature is relatively high, and the general crops are difficult to withstand such high temperatures(plastic nursery pots). Peppers are usually grown in summer. If licorice is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, it is a good kind to the human body. Medicine, high medicinal value. It is dark and humid, with a dry climate with long sunshine and low temperature(288 cell trays bulk). Licorice grows in arid, semi-arid desert steppe, desert edge and loess hilly terrain.

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The details are described below(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is not only a direct source of crop nutrients, but also a catalyst for promoting soil material conversion and enhancing soil biological activity. It can also improve soil permeability, make soil loose and breathable, and improve soil fertility. These effects are not available in chemical fertilizers(20 cell trays bulk). Therefore, in order to grow pollution-free licorice, it is necessary to make full use of various farmyard manures.(large plastic nursery plant growing containers)

It must be fermented at 50 °C for 5-7 days to kill various parasite eggs and pathogens and weed seeds(black plastic nursery pots). It is necessary to remove harmful substances and achieve harmless hygiene standards. If high-temperature composting manure is necessary to pay attention to storage: you can take nitrogen-preserving measures, do not open the septic tank open, do not add grass ash in human waste, or dry the dung(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), so it is easy to make human waste The nitrogen is lost.

Then, in the production of bacterial fertilizer(cell trays), it is necessary to strictly check the strains, and it is absolutely impossible to use bacterial strains of pathogenic bacteria or harmful bacteria. How licorice fertilizes and promotes high yield is the concern of licorice growers. When there is no condition to cover or cover the septic tank(32 cell seedling trays wholesale), cover the septic tank or the septic tank with some hay, leaves, peat, etc. to reduce the volatilization of ammonia.(large plastic nursery plant growing containers)

Organic fertilizers are generally rich in organic matter and various nutrients(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Fresh human excrement can only be applied after being decomposed, and non-fertilized human excrement can cause pollution to soil, water and crops. Before the long-term closed septic tank is discharged(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), it is necessary to use a stick to reach into the septic tank to stir it to prevent poisoning caused by harmful gases generated during long-term fermentation.

(large plastic nursery plant growing containers)This is sometimes because the weather is hot(wholesale nursery pots). It is through artificial inoculation method that a large number of beneficial microorganisms in the bacterial fertilizer are added to the soil and around the roots of the crops, and through their activities to improve soil fertility and promote crop growth, the number of active bacteria in the bacterial fertilizer is bacteria(50 cell seed starter trays). Important indicators of fat quality must meet the requirements.

It is required to do the following: no matter which raw material (various manure, straw, weed, garbage) is used to make compost(112 cell trays bulk), all kinds of compost must be fully decomposed before application. Municipal solid waste must be treated in a harmless manner, and industrial waste, hospital waste and feces are strictly prohibited(72 cell seed starter trays). Protected vegetables enter the peak period of the results, and also enter the peak period of water absorption and fertilizer absorption.

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