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Large Plastic Nursery Pots Manufacturers Canada

After the thaw in the next spring (early April), it should be withdrawn in time Protect against cold soil so as not to affect the germination of buds(36 cell trays bulk). Cutting anvils and replanting from late April to early May, before the budding is about to germinate, cut off the rootstock part that has survived about 05cm above the budding to concentrate nutrients for the growth of the budding(plastic planters bulk). Before freezing (Jilin province in late October), the soil should be protected from cold.

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Temporary fake planting on site(40 cell trays bulk). If it does not survive after overwintering, it can be supplemented by inlaid bud grafting or grafting in spring. Except for the cutting shear anvil, the base of the rootstock is prone to a large number of germination sacs, which need to be removed in time to avoid competing with the bud for nutrients(plastic planters suppliers). Strengthen soil, fertilizer, and water management, and prevent pests and diseases in the early stage.(large plastic nursery pots manufacturers canada)

Strengthen fertilizer and water management, timely plowing and weeding, and promote seedling growth(40 cell tray in bulk). In the later period, control fertilizer and water to prevent excessive growth, and pay attention to the prevention of diseases and insect pests. The seedling digging time is generally in autumn after falling leaves to before freezing, and in spring after soil freezing and before germination(shallow microgreen trays). All the quarantine objects of the quarantine must be strictly controlled.

The thickness should be 5 ~ 10cm more than the buds(51 cell trays bulk). The shaping in the nursery is in the nursery, whether it is grafted seedlings or bud grafted seedlings, when it reaches a certain height, it must be dried in time, and all branches below the main branch shaping belt should be cut off to reduce nutrient consumption and promote seedling growth as soon as possible Shaped(6.35cm square grow pots). Therefore, the quarantine of seedlings is an effective measure to prevent the spread of diseases and insect pests.

(large plastic nursery pots manufacturers canada)If there are many grafted buds, after survival, you should choose a good orientation, a new shoot with a strong growth, and remove the rest(104 cell trays bulk). When the soil is too dry, irrigate water before digging seedlings, which is convenient for raising seedlings and less damaging the root system(black plastic plant pots wholesale). The management of grafted seedlings is also prone to sprouting from the rootstock after grafting and should be removed as soon as possible, and then Rinse the roots with water.

If it is not connected, it should be replaced in time, and the received variety must be the same as the original variety(72 cell seed starting trays). The seedlings to be transported out of the country should be packed. Bundles of 50 to 100 strains should be tied to the label to indicate the variety, quantity and grade, and then wrapped tightly with straw bags(8.89cm square grow pots). Clay heavy soil has poor drainage, poor aeration, and poor root growth. If it is not improved, it is generally inappropriate to build a garden.

General seedlings should be planned and prepared before they are cured(128 cell seedling start trays). Such as checking seedling types, varieties, quantity and fake planting method, location and transportation requirements. In order to prevent the seedlings from freezing damage, it is better to leave the nursery in autumn(4 inch plastic pots wholesale), which is conducive to packaging and transportation in advance in spring, timely transportation and timely supply of seedlings needed for building the garden.(large plastic nursery pots manufacturers canada)

The seedlings without quarantine can not be transported out and imported(128 cell seed starter trays). In order to prevent the spread of diseases and insect pests, the nursery stocks should be disinfected. Commonly used disinfectants include 3 ~ 5 degree lime sulfur mixture or 1: 1: 100 Bordeaux mixture (see the appendix at the back of the book for the preparation method), soak the seedlings for 10 ~ 20 minutes(bulk pots). Cultivating the soil to prevent cold is to prevent the buds from freezing. 

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