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Large Plastic Plant Containers Outdoor Bahrain

Pruning can reduce diseases and insect pests, enhance ventilation and light transmission, and reduce nutrition consumption(small plastic plant containers). For the newly planted seedlings, 3 to 5 lateral branches were selected. In the second year, 3-5 selected branches were shrunk back to 30 cm to form the first canopy(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the future, it will be cultivated year by year to form a three-layer "upstairs" crown and increase the amount of fruit bearing.

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If you want to make bonsai(lavender plug trays), you can cut the thick and strong branches of wolfberry before germination in the spring of the next year, and it will bloom and bear fruit in the next year. When the temperature rises in spring, Chinese wolfberry will germinate earlier than other plants. More and more people like Chinese wolfberry, whether for appreciation or medicinal value(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Here is a brief summary of the pruning methods of wolfberry bonsai, trying to make wolfberry bonsai friends less detours.

(large plastic plant containers outdoor bahrain)Lycium barbarum has strong branching ability and vigorous growth of new branches(plastic nursery planters). The old branches should be cut off before germination in early spring every year, the extra long branches in summer, the old branches and disease and insect branches in autumn(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). If it is a newly planted wolfberry, you must select the right branch and leave the right bud. The amputation healed badly, so we should keep it a little longer.

There are many sprouts of Lycium barbarum, which should be removed as soon as possible(sureroots deep cell plug trays). After the Qingming Festival, as long as the buds are exposed, it is necessary to use a knife to cut them from the bottom of the buds, so as not to affect the dispersion and loss of nutrients(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). Try to select the buds with proper positions. If not, tie them with wire. Remove the extra inward branches, leaf bottom branches and control the excessive branches.

Lycium barbarum has the characteristics of two results(large plastic garden pots for trees). According to the growing environment, when fruits are more or less in summer, I don't think it can be retained or a small amount. Often observe that dressing should be done as early as possible, preferably without hardening(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). The branch length is generally kept within 20 cm. In summer, the new branches are lignified and the leaves turn yellow and enter the dormancy period.(large plastic plant containers outdoor bahrain)

At this time, all the leaves can be removed and pruned in a centralized way(32 cell tray). According to my maintenance experience in recent years, the weather turns cool after summer heat treatment, and the Chinese wolfberry begins to sprout autumn buds, which appear at the same time. Note: place Lycium barbarum in an environment with strong ventilation and light(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). Prune the sprouts, make a reasonable topping, and keep the fruit evenness.

(large plastic plant containers outdoor bahrain)During the Mid Autumn Festival and national day, Chinese wolfberry leaves are green and fruit red, which is particularly eye-catching(8 inch plastic plant pots). If you want to extend the viewing period, you should put the Lycium in a relatively cool place. When the trunk height is 60 cm, the top will be removed(110mm plastic grow pots). After the beginning of winter, the leaves of Lycium barbarum will gradually fall off, grow luxuriantly, and the fruit will gradually wither.

Top in time to lay the foundation for the harvest of autumn fruits(98 cell plug trays). It doesn't have to be pruned after autumn, but after Spring Festival and before germination. The density and direction of each branch group were reasonable, and about five to ten buds were reserved for each twig(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). I don't know about the consumption of nutrition when I don't remove the fruit, but the fruit yield in the next year will not be affected.(large plastic plant containers outdoor bahrain)

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