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Large Plastic Plant Pots For Trees Wholesale USA

If you want to harvest mature seeds, you usually need to do artificial pollination(propagation tray). Then, how do you pollinate the raw stone flower? Generally speaking, the pollination process of the raw stone flower should try to choose the breed with relatively close relationship as the parent. In this way, the seed of the pollination will have a higher rate of emergence(seedling trays wholesale). On the other hand, if you choose a hybrid with a long relationship, you may get a phenomenon of Jinhua or even lose your activity.(large plastic plant pots for trees wholesale usa)

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As far as the individual is concerned(plastic nursery pots wholesale), usually the artificial stone flower dry individual of 5 years old or above is basically a relatively good parent, and the number of seeds is also numerous, and even hundreds of more can be played. However, for some succulent species, the number of granules may be less, depending on the species selected. Moreover, pollination between different lateral buds of the same plant is not able to produce high-quality seeds(200 cell seed starter trays), and half of them need to select the same species from different sources for pollination.

Based on this, when we purchase raw stone flowers(wholesale nursery pots), we should choose two plants of the same kind for planting, which is very important for the successful pollination and harvesting of high quality seeds in the later stage. However, it is worth noting that although the flowering period of the raw stone flower is relatively long, the yellow micro-grain jade is taken as an example. The original can reach 10 days most, but it is suitable for pollination after 3-5 days(plant start trays wholesale). At this time, the pollen is also fully mature, and the stigma is Also secreted mucus.

(large plastic plant pots for trees wholesale usa)Generally, the phenomenon of blooming occurs around 4 pm, and the pollination effect is best at this time(black plastic nursery pots). The pollination process of raw stone flowers is also relatively simple. After using some cotton wool to pick up some pollen, it can be applied to the stigma of the female parent to complete the artificial pollination operation. However, if you want to get a hybrid, you need to remove all the stamens that appear on the female parent on the first day after flowering(32 cell seed starter trays), and then use the forceps to pick the stamens on the male parent and apply them to the stigma of the female parent.

And the flowers on the second day began to fade, and it was basically confirmed that the pollination was successful(plug trays wholesale). In general, the pollination process of raw stone flowers is relatively simple, and the amount of pollen is relatively large, so it is easy to succeed. Then remove all the roots, leaving only the strongest one of the main roots(72 cell propagation trays). To fix the roots of the flowers, the old roots must be short before the upper basin (usually 3 to 5 mm), and the plants emit new roots. Healthy growth.(large plastic plant pots for trees wholesale usa)

After all the raw stone flowers have rooted, the watering scheme can be normalized(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the watering interval is gradually extended until it is treated the same as the rest of the collected stone. After standing for a week, watering, looking for a suitable tool, poke a small pit in the culture soil, then add a small amount of carbendazim to fix the root when mixing the picture, do not rush to plant it, stone repair After the roots(200 cell seed starting trays), we can plant the plants in new pots and pour them out immediately.

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