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Large Plastic Plant Trays Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

One of the criteria for vegetable seedlings is that the stem section is short(propagation tray), the internode length and plant height are well-proportioned, the stem is thick and tough, and the plant growth degree and plant height ratio are appropriate, about 1-1.3. Therefore, in the current Yanqing nursery field engaged in vegetable seedling seedling production process, the regulation of plant height is very important and necessary. The methods for regulating plant height are: mechanical methods: such as the dialing method(128 cell trays bulk), the vibration method, and the increase of the air flow method, all of which can inhibit the growth of plants.

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(large plastic plant trays wholesale suppliers malaysia)For example, if the tomato plants are moved several times a day, the plant height can be significantly reduced(plug trays). This kind of practice should pay attention to avoid damage to the leaves, and the crops that are easily injured by the leaves such as peppers are not suitable for this. Negative temperature difference between day and night (night temperature is higher than daytime temperature of 3-6 degrees, more than 3 hours) is very effective for controlling plant height(plastic grow pots). The production method is to reduce the temperature of three to four hours before and after sunrise. Reduce the temperature, moisture or relative humidity of the environment.

The use of nitrate nitrogen fertilizer to replace ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and urea fertilizer(gallon plant pot), or reduce the amount of fertilizer used as a whole, increase light and other methods can inhibit plant growth. The use of hormones, especially chlormequat, leads to phytotoxicity. In addition to spraying the opposite action hormone to relieve the effect of the drug, and appropriately increasing the water and ammonium nitrogen to promote growth(greenhouse supplies pots), it is possible to try to spray the seaweed essence by foliar application, and the effect is obvious.

(large plastic plant trays wholesale suppliers malaysia)The main pests are aphids, thrips, whiteflies, spotted flies, and aphids(cell trays). Each treatment of 3 discs, randomly arranged, physicochemical properties tend to be stable, are basically suitable for seedling seedling use. The tomato seedling ratio of the cocoon and vermiculite volume ratio of 5:5 (T5) was the best. This may be because the matrix porosity is more suitable for the root growth of tomato seedlings(square nursery pots), which is beneficial to the absorption of water and mineral elements by roots, thus promoting the growth of plant shoots.

About 60% of the seed cotyledons are removed when the cover is removed(gallon nursery pots). From the indicators of strong seedling index, dry plant and fresh quality, the ratio of substrate treated by pure coconut milk (T7) can promote the growth of tomato seedlings, but the chlorophyll content of tomato seedlings is low. The root activity is weak, which may be related to the rapid growth of early tomato plug seedlings. Such seedlings are not conducive to the robust growth of plants after planting(wholesale greenhouse pots). Therefore, it is not recommended to use pure coconut meal substrate in tomato factory seedlings.(large plastic plant trays wholesale suppliers malaysia)

There are nearly 300 sets of molds for the seedling trays of the company(black plastic plant pots). The product update should also be customized on the basis of understanding the production base. In addition, there will be targeted participation in horticultural exhibitions. At the same time, some practitioners said that in the future, planting basins and related products such as bagging trays and float cartons should be more adaptable(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), which can improve product quality, carry out large-scale management, effectively save costs and promote standardization development.

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