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Large Plastic Planters Wholesale Suppliers In China

Taproot vegetables refer to the fat, fleshy taproot as the edible organ, mainly including radish, carrot, turnip, root mustard, root beet, etc(72 cell propagation tray). It is widely planted in all parts of China, and it is an indispensable vegetable in people's daily life(seedling tray price). How to control diseases and insect pests? Reasonable rotation can be carried out for more than 3 years with onion and garlic vegetables and rice.

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Pay close attention to the field conditions, and timely remove the remains of diseased plants in the field, and take them to the field for centralized burning(blow molded nursery pots). Use yellow board to trap aphids and whitefly, blue board to trap thrips, use silver gray reflective film to drive away aphids, use black light lamp, high pressure mercury lamp(3 gal plastic nursery pots), frequency vibration type insecticidal lamp and sugar vinegar liquid to trap moths, tigers, mole crickets, etc.(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers in china)

If the greenhouse is planted, insect net can be installed at the vent, and sterilization can be carried out in the high temperature closed shed(7 gallon nursery pots). Natural enemies can inhibit the reproduction of pests, release some natural enemies of pests to the field, increase the number of natural enemies(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale), and effectively control pests, such as Trichogramma can control cabbage butterfly, cabbage armyworm, Spodoptera litura, cotton bollworm, etc.

First of all, it should be planted reasonably, ventilated and transparent, irrigated properly, drained timely after rain to reduce the field humidity(10 gallon nursery pots bulk). Coccinella can control aphids, scale insects, whitefly and other pests, and prey on mites and spider, the natural enemy of pests. Biogas slurry can prevent and control aphids and reduce the occurrence of Fusarium wilt(large garden pots for trees). It can be sprayed with 10 billion life spores / Bacillus thuringiensis wettable powder 800~1000 times liquid.

(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers in china)The antagonistic effect of microorganisms can also be used to prevent diseases, such as virus diseases(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). It can also use the biochemical mutual inductance between plants to prevent diseases, such as mixing with onion crops, which can prevent the occurrence of Fusarium wilt(plastic nursery pots nz). Wood vinegar, also known as plant acid, can be used to spray 300 times of wood vinegar for 2-3 times in a row to prevent and control soil and leaf diseases before or at the early stage of the disease.

This kind of vegetable is usually adaptable, short growing period, high yield, and storable(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Apply fully decomposed organic fertilizer. Melia azedarach oil can be used to control leafminer, biogas slurry or compost extract can also be used to control aphid, Bordeaux solution can be used to control fungal diseases(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Chili juice with a concentration of 0.5% can prevent viral diseases, prevent microtubule aphids and willow aphids, and use 2.5% rotenone emulsion 600~800 times liquid spray to control Pieris rapa.

Using 36% matrine as a water agent to prevent red spider, aphid, diamondback moth and whitefly(4.5 inch plant pot), the soaking solution of grass ash can be used to prevent diseases such as aphids, downy mildew, black spot, white spot disease, white rust and anthracnose(plastic planter pots). Spraying of 600~800 77% times wetting powder of copper hydroxide can be used for chemical control. Turn over the soil deeply, and sprinkle some quicklime to disinfect the soil.(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers in china)

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