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Large Plastic Terracotta Pots Wholesale Price Bahamas

As the temperature rises, the soil of the home flower seems to become a hotbed of mosquito life, which is both upset and annoyed(plastic nursery pots). In fact, the solution is very simple. Sprinkle this in the basin and it will be solved perfectly! The citrus fruit peel contains lemonene and other substances inside, which can effectively kill pests such as mites and mosquitoes(large plastic pots). The effect of mosquitoes. Method of operation: citrus peel into small pieces, soaked in warm water for about 24 hours.(large plastic terracotta pots wholesale price)

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It is then filtered and sprayed on flowers to effectively kill insects and prevent mosquito infestation during the summer(plastic nursery pots wholesale). You can also wash the citrus peel directly, and then cut into small pieces, shallowly buried in the soil surface of the flower, which can protect the flower from reptiles such as ladybugs and snails. According to practice, the ash has excellent insecticidal effect, which can effectively kill mites, red spiders, small black fly, etc(105 cell seed trays wholesale). in the soil of the flower pot, which is environmentally friendly and has remarkable effects.

(large plastic terracotta pots wholesale price bahamas)Method of operation: Sprinkle the ash on the surface of the soil(black plastic nursery pots), evenly spread, can play the role of insecticide; or add some water in the ash, and then spray the solution on the surface of the soil, can also play a role in eliminating pests. Garlic contains sulfur, which can be sterilized and disinfected. It can also eliminate pests such as aphids, spider mites, cabbage butterflies, and slugs. It is a good insecticide choice(104 cell plug trays supplier). Method of operation: After the garlic is peeled and mashed, add about double the water and mix well.

The solution is then sprayed onto the surface of the plant leaf(nursery trays wholesale). When spraying the solution, it is necessary to first filter out the residue in the solution, and spray the surface and back of the blade. Because the taste of garlic is not good, you can add some lemon peel or citrus peel to its aqueous solution, which can eliminate the odor. This is a very simple and effective method, and the materials are also very common, the operation method is simple and easy(40 cell plug trays supplier), especially for those who love smoking in the home, it is a good choice to turn waste into treasure.

(large plastic terracotta pots wholesale price bahamas)Method of operation: Select about 20 cigarette butts(seed starter trays), soak them in water and let stand for a while until the color of the aqueous solution turns brown. It is then diluted with about 8 times of water and sprinkled on the surface of the soil to effectively kill insects. The substances contained in soap can effectively control pests such as spider mites, whiteflies, leafhoppers, etc., and therefore are also a viable option(20 cell plug trays supplier). Method of operation: The soap can be sliced and then placed in about 50 times of water, shaken evenly, and sprayed on the insect-infested leaves after cooling, which can achieve good results.

Note that the dosage and number of times used in this method are limited, otherwise it will easily lead to soil alkalization inside the flower pot(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). There is also a good way to effectively kill mites, and Xiaobian personally tested it, the effect is not bad. Method of operation: Mix the detergent and water in a ratio of 1:500 and then spray on the surface of the soil. This aqueous solution can suffocate the mites(18 cell plug trays supplier). Generally, this solution can kill all the mites in the pot once. It would be better to drop two drops of wind oil into the solution.(large plastic terracotta pots wholesale price bahamas)

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