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Large Plastic Tray For Hydroponics Online

Adding formaldehyde to boiling water and then adding potassium permanganate will produce a smoke reaction(wholesale nursery pots). The greenhouse was then closed for 48 hours, after the odor was exhausted. Nursery, arch shed, shed film, heat preservation quilt (or straw curtain), etc., and the equipment used in the whole process shall be sprayed and disinfected with 40% formaldehyde aqueous solution 50 times(10cm plastic grow pots), with a dosage of 30 ml/m2, still closed for 48 hours.(large plastic tray for hydroponics online)

For example, soak for 2 minutes with 2% bleaching powder and rinse with water(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Or soak the seedling plate with 40% formaldehyde solution 100 times for 15~20 minutes, then cover with a plastic film on it, seal it for 7 days, then peel it off, then rinse it off with water. High quality peat, vermiculite and perlite are used as matrix materials, and mixed according to the ratio: 3:1:1(90mm plastic grow pots). The matrix should be mixed with 1~2 kg of NPK (15% compound fertilizer) per cubic meter.

(large plastic tray for hydroponics online)Optional auxin can also enhance the resistance of the seedlings. The tray or nutrient mash should be disinfected and reused(cell trays). Add a certain amount of bactericide to disinfect the substrate, then mix well. It can also be configured with 2:1 with peat and vermiculite. Each cubic meter is mixed with 0.8 kg of NPK (20:10:20) seedling fertilizer, or 1~2 kg of NPK (15% compound fertilizer). Pay attention to the fertilizer to be evenly mixed(9cm plastic grow pots). At the same time, some disinfectants should be added to prevent seedling diseases.

However, the concentration must be appropriate, which may lead to poor results or aging of the seedlings(black plastic nursery pots). The work of refining must be done one week before planting. Requirements: In addition to sunny days, it is necessary to use shade nets to shade. In case of overcast and rainy weather, the cover on the small arch shed can be picked up; according to the steps from short to long(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the vents are from small to large, the seedlings are gradually carried out until they are not covered. Shade.

(large plastic tray for hydroponics online)After that, it is ventilated for 5 days(plug trays), and after the formaldehyde is completely volatilized, the seedling work is carried out. Therefore, in the current Yanqing nursery field engaged in vegetable seedling seedling production process, the regulation of plant height is very important and necessary(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). This kind of practice should pay attention to avoid damage to the leaves, and the crops that are easily injured by the leaves such as peppers are not suitable for this. 

It is best to do it after the sun goes down in the evening on a sunny day or on a cloudy day(plastic nursery pots). Otherwise, try to avoid damage to the roots of the seedlings during transplanting. At the same time, one of the criteria for strong seedlings of vegetables is that the stem section is short, the internode length and the plant height are well-proportioned, the stem is thick and tough(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the plant growth degree and plant height ratio are appropriate, about 1-1.3.(large plastic tray for hydroponics online)

Disinfect with potassium permanganate + formaldehyde in the greenhouse(10.5cm plastic grow pots). The planting of the tomato plants several times a day can significantly reduce the plant height. The best negative day and night temperature difference (night temperature is higher than daytime temperature of 3-6 degrees, more than 3 hours) is very effective for controlling plant height(40 cell plug tray wholesale), and the production method is to reduce the temperature of three to four hours before and after sunrise as much as possible.

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