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Large Round Plastic Flower Pots In Bulk

Rotation is the best prevention and control measure(50 cell plug trays supplier). Generally planting should be 3-4 years apart, preferably with grass crop rotation, or with cabbage, large and medium shed celery rotation. Because the green onion is a shallow root crop, it can also be rotated with root vegetables, solanaceous beans, beans, melons (except cucumber) in deep roots. Generally, it should be deep ploughed more than 25 cm, break the plow layer, and do fine land preparation(200 cell plant trays bulk). The function is to activate the soil and embed some bacteria and insect sources.(large round plastic flower pots in bulk)

Follow the principle of “what is missing or how much to make up”, scientifically and rationally fertilize to meet the nutritional needs of the onion during the growing period(72 cell plant trays bulk). Applying 5,000 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer per acre and 500 kg of high-quality chicken manure, it can also apply 3000 kg of other fully-fertilized high-quality organic fertilizer, and implement straw returning, which can effectively improve soil physical and chemical properties(32 cell plant trays bulk), especially to increase beneficial bacteria. It works well for controlling and inhibiting harmful bacteria.

Putting the onion seeds into 500 times potassium permanganate solution(105 cell plant trays bulk), because the different varieties of the same crop have different resistance to heavy mites, replacing the varieties is one of the most economical and effective methods for disease prevention. It is possible to test and introduce other varieties to give full play to the unique resistance of certain varieties. Soaking with 40% formalin 300 times solution for 3 hour(50 cell plant trays bulk)s, then washing with water to dry and sowing, can control green onion purple spot disease, anthracnose disease.

(large round plastic flower pots in bulk)Rinse with clean water and sown after drying. The above are the causes and preventive measures of the disease of the onion(128 cell plant trays bulk). The disease of the onion seriously affects the growth and development of the onion, reduces the yield and quality of the onion, and has a greater impact on the green onion growers. It has become a serious one in the cultivation of green onions. Big disease. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to it, master the above measures(seed planting trays wholesale), prevent it in time, and avoid losses as much as possible.

After the seedlings are planted, the seedlings will be prevented from disease and the disease prevention and control work will be done in time(162 cell plug trays supplier). Because the onion planting time is almost in the autumn, the temperature at this time is relatively low. Do not pour too much water after planting. Too much watering will cause the surface temperature to drop, which will reduce the growth rate of onion seedlings(72 cell seed trays wholesale). However, the watering is still to be poured, but the dosage should be paid to ensure that the growth of the seedlings is not affected.

(large round plastic flower pots in bulk)Farmers who grow green onions know that green onions are more ill, but there is a disease that occurs because of the continuous planting of green onions(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Soak for 20~30 minutes, the production of green onions should not be continuous. In areas where a single variety is widely cultivated, deep cultivation is best carried out before winter, and combined with winter irrigation is better(200 cell plug trays supplier). Enhance soil fertility and water storage capacity, based on soil testing and soil nutrient content and crop nutrient requirements.

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