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Large Round Plastic Plant Planters Pots In Bulk

Let's take a look at the time when ginger, lettuce, and cowpeas are grown(black plastic nursery pots)! Ginger is usually planted from late April to early May. Ginger should be selected before the sowing. It can remove mildew, rot, and dry ginger. Ginger should choose 50-100 grams of ginger with 1-2 strong buds. Too much ginger can be sown but it needs a large amount and high cost, but the wound is disinfected with grass ash or lime(32 cell plug trays supplier). Autumn cowpea should be planted in August-September.(large round plastic plant planters pots in bulk)

Reasonable close planting(cell trays), the amount of ul is 1.25~1.5 kg, the row spacing is 50~60 cm, the plant spacing is 8~10 cm, and two seeds are planted at each hole. Lettuce planting time According to the local climatic conditions, variety characteristics, facilities conditions and the annual planting mouthwash arrangement, the appropriate lettuce planting time is formulated(105 cell plug trays supplier). 40-50 days when the seedlings are planted with 5-6 true leaves, the winter can be safely wintered, and the next spring is green.

Improve the ventilation and light transmission in the field(plastic nursery pots). Lettuce is a common vegetable in China. It is usually planted in the first year of autumn from September to October. The lettuce in the Yangtze River Valley is overwintered in winter, mainly in spring lettuce. Xiadoudou was planted in the Yellow River Basin from April 20 to June 30(50 cell plug trays supplier). Cut with a knife or hand to open, the base fertilizer is fully decomposed, and each agent is used alternately.(large round plastic plant planters pots in bulk)

Spring peas generally need to be seeded from late February to late March, planted from late March to late April(wholesale nursery pots), harvested from early June to mid-August, and harvested from late July to early August. The Yangtze River Basin was planted from mid-April to early July. The northern part of Guibei was planted from early April to early August(72 cell plant trays bulk). Zhejiang Fujian was planted in spring and summer, and the Leizhou Peninsula was spring-sown.

Note that the stem is infected with a small spot on the base, and the base of the stem is rotted and succulent or gray-green(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After the lettuce is infected, it usually shows mosaics, which are severely dwarfed and yellowed. Pay attention to the prevention and control of mites, use Amyile, sputum fog, etc. for prevention and treatment. Or use gold poison crown 1000 times liquid control, or 50% carbendazim 1000 times liquid(105 cell plant trays bulk). Non-persistent poisoning of juice and peach aphid. 

(large round plastic plant planters pots in bulk)Almost every household is planted(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The lack of water and fat is one of the important reasons for the bolting of autumn lettuce. Drainage must be fully paid attention to. Unripe bolting is inhibited by using plant growth regulators. Spraying the leaves with 500-1000 mg/kg synthin or 6000-10000 mg/kg for a long time when the lettuce is closed(128 cell plant trays bulk), can effectively inhibit the bolting and increase the stem weight, but it cannot be used in the seedling stage.

At the beginning of the disease, the soil is deeply turned over, the wound is easy to heal(200 cell plug trays supplier), and there are not many diseases and insects of lettuce, which is the main disease of lettuce. Spring lettuce and autumn lettuce have occurred, especially in spring, the lettuce is seriously damaged, and it is most likely to occur when spring lettuce is sealed(162 cell plug trays supplier). Growing leaf clumps in sufficient time, high yields can be obtained from April to May.

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