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Large Round Plastic Strawberry Planter Pots

Plants that are almost frozen, do not move directly into a warm environment(large hydroponic tray), should let it naturally transition to a warm environment, if the green radish grows dense, all plants are treated the same way. As for watering, the plants that are frozen do not need to be watered for a while. When we are completely overheated, we look at the soil at this time(greenhouse plant pots). If the soil is short of water, we will give a small amount of water. If there is no shortage of water, there is no need to water.

Carrots are a kind of vegetable that people don't need to give too much care, but they are good to grow, and they like to eat in spring and winter(plug trays canada). Do you know how to plant carrots for autumn and winter? When choosing carrot seeds, you must choose the best ones. The yield is good. The carrots that grow out are delicious and big, and they need to be long(5 gallon plastic pots for plants). For a long time, there are also kinds of leaves that grow extraordinarily large.(large round plastic strawberry planter pots)

In recent years, there are several varieties of carrots that are better growing, and there are markets like those of the 100-day red crown(succulent plug trays). Carrots are generally sorted and planted in July. Carrots are supported by a lot of fertilizer. Fertilize every mu of land before planting to make the soil's base fertilizer sufficient(greenhouse trays plastic). About six thousand kilograms of mature rotten farmyard fertilizer will do. Also, when applying fertilizer, try to be as uniform as possible.

Generally, about 250 to 300 grams are planted per mu(1.5 gallon plastic container). Do a squat in the sandy ground, and use sorghum in places where it rains frequently. First open a ditch in the according to the distance of 0.15-.02 meters, the depth of each ditch should be about two centimeters, soak it in the ditch, evenly, if there is sprinkle outside the ditch(soil block propagation trays), you can use the broom light Sweep into the ditch, then flatten it, use the foot to step on it and sprinkle it.

(large round plastic strawberry planter pots)You must choose a little resistance to the disease. Seeds are seeded(200 cell plug trays). If you have more money, you can also broadcast it. If you have a good carrot, you should take good care of it. It needs to keep the soil in the water at all times, so you should pour water three times a day. When it grows up a little, that is, when it grows one or two leaves, it picks a sunny noon to help it(shallow microgreen trays). Each seedling is three centimeters apart, and then smashed with a hoe in the middle.

When you have four or five leaves, you have to choose a big sunny day at noon to fix the seedlings(grass plug trays). The plants will be too dense, too fragile, and the sick carrots will be pulled out. According to their respective characteristics, the seedlings will be fixed. Each carrot is 10 to 12 centimeters apart, and one acre is to hold 25,000 to 30,000 seedlings(best microgreen trays). If we have done a good job of weeding, we must weed the grass to prevent accidental injury to the roots.(large round plastic strawberry planter pots)

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