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Manufacture Of Germination Trays In Corea

When the seedlings are formed, the roots are entangled with the matrix to become one(72 cell plug trays supplier). The growth environment of seedling roots of plug seedlings is quite different from that of traditional seedbeds. The seedling roots of plug seedlings have their own independent growth space. In actual production and application, in order to increase the number of seedlings per unit area, the inconvenience and reduction of seedling transportation are reduced(wholesale nursery pots). The cost of seedlings is reduced as much as possible, which objectively limits the growth space of the seedlings.(manufacture of germination trays in corea)

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The seedling substrate is the core and key of the seedling nursery(128 cell plug trays supplier), which guarantees a good environment for the healthy development of vegetable seedlings, and even directly relates to the success or failure of vegetable seedlings. The seedling substrate is an important condition for fixing and supporting the seedlings, maintaining nutrients and moisture, and providing a normal growth and development environment for the roots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Vegetable seedling substrate requires matrix with large porosity, reasonable gas-water ratio, stable physical and chemical properties, strong water and fertilizer retention capacity and no pathogens or pests.

(manufacture of germination trays in corea)It often causes problems such as seed rot, reduced seedling emergence rate, lack of nutrients in seedlings(128 cell seed trays wholesale), rotten roots, roots without roots, and long lengths. Even many vegetable seedling seedling producers lose batches of seedlings because they do not know the matrix characteristics and preparation techniques. Caused significant economic losses. The tradition is to use a light matrix material such as peat, vermiculite, etc. as a seedling substrate according to a certain ratio(plug trays wholesale); since the grass charcoal resources are non-renewable resources, the state has introduced some restrictive policies.

Common organic substrates include edible fungi cultivation waste(seed starting trays supplier), straw, peanut shell, wood chips, coconut shell fiber, furfural residue, bagasse, biogas residue, pine scale, manure, meal, and soy flour. They can provide partial nutrition for the growth of vegetable seedlings, and provide sufficient organic carbon source for the rhizosphere microorganisms of the seedlings. Through the cross-linking property of lignin(black plastic nursery pots), hemicellulose and cellulose, the proper porosity of the matrix can be maintained to promote the root formation.

Chemical properties(32 cell plug trays supplier): electrical conductivity (EC) 0.75~2.00 mS/cm, pH 5.8-6.5 (1:5 dilution method) Biological traits: no pathogenic bacteria, germination index greater than 60%. (germination index = average radicle length × number of germinated seeds / blank average radicle length × number of germinated seeds). "Look" color, generally black and black, and has a partial luster; "smell" smell, good organic matrix has a mud after the rain; "touch" feel(plastic nursery pots wholesale), has been completely decomposed and carbonized, the hand touches crisp.(manufacture of germination trays in corea)

Observe the color of the liquid when watering(105 cell plug trays supplier), and the dark black matrix generally has a high EC value and should be treated with caution. If the grasp is not good, firstly use the seedling substrate and the water quality ratio of 1:5 extract to detect whether the extract inhibits the germination of the vegetable seeds. If the germination of the vegetable seeds can be promoted, the quality of the seedling substrate can be basically(plastic nursery pots). If the stigma turns yellow, be careful not to pour water, and the water can be wet to the roots.

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