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Manufacturer Of Plastic Pots That Look Like Terracotta

Although potatoes have a certain drought resistance, they can not be dried for a long time, which will have a certain impact on the quality and yield of potatoes(20 gallon grow bags). When watering, we should do a good job in water management according to the weather, precipitation and various factors of soil type(6 inch nursery pots). If it is too large, it will lead to cracks in the soil, affect the growth of potatoes, make potatoes unable to breathe, and lack of nitrogen.

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Therefore, reasonable watering can also avoid soil deformation and unnecessary loss(5 gallon plant container). If the potato plants are infected with white mould, the source of disease in the second year can be reduced. Therefore, the whole growth process of potato is likely to produce white mould. The disease is caused by the soil pathogen of potato planting through infecting the stem of the plant(3.5 inch plant pots). If you want to plant potato with high yield, the two steps of fertilization and watering are very important.(manufacturer of plastic pots that look like terracotta)

After sowing in a single hole, cover the soil with thin vermiculite, spray water with a spray pot, and then put it in the germination chamber to promote germination(shallow plastic plant pots). According to the growth trend of seedlings, it is often found that the longer the plants grow in the shade, the more tender the tissue, the higher the temperature in the sun, the longer the time of irradiation, and the more serious the disease(germination pots). Today we are going to learn the intensive seedling raising technology of vegetable greenhouse.

Therefore, when the matrix is crushed and screened, 2.5-3.0kg of N, P and K ternary compound fertilizer is added into the matrix per cubic meter, and the special matrix can also be directly selected(3 gallon fabric grow bags). For example, 50 hole or 72 hole tray can be used for cucumber and watermelon, 72 hole tray can be used for tomato and eggplant, 128 hole tray can be used for green pepper and medium ripe cabbage(plastic planters online), 288 hole tray can be used for celery, 392 hole tray can be used for rape and lettuce.(manufacturer of plastic pots that look like terracotta)

Then the control methods should strengthen the cultivation management. The amount of water should not be too large or too little(10 gallon plastic container). The advantages of this technology include saving seed consumption, convenient management, orderly seedling raising, promoting early maturity of vegetables, increasing income, etc(8 inch plastic nursery pots). During the whole period of seedling raising, water control measures can be taken to keep the seedling tray from being wet or dry, so as to ensure that the seedling does not wilt or grow in vain.

The residual matrix in the tray should be removed first, then washed with clean water and dried(7 gallon fabric grow bags). Then, the tray should be placed in a closed room, and the sulfur yellow powder and sawdust should be mixed before being ignited for fumigation and disinfection(nursery planters). For manual sowing, the seedling substrate shall be installed in the hole tray first, and the redundant substrate shall be scraped off, and then a deep hole shall be drilled in each hole for direct seeding of dry seeds.

(manufacturer of plastic pots that look like terracotta)In order to raise the temperature of seedling environment in cold season, the greenhouse should be equipped with electric hot blast stove or ground hot wire(5 gallon grow pot). Cover the net of more than 40 mesh, and equip with drip irrigation equipment. Because of the small distance between the holes and the high density of the seedlings, the early management should be strengthened(15 gallon container). Water management is the key to the success or failure of seedling raising.

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