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Manufacturers Of Black Plastic Plant Pots Bahamas

The upper basin refers to planting the purchased flowers or plants and breeding their own seedlings into pots(plastic nursery pots). Seedlings and breeding new seedlings should be in the basin when they are grown. Most perennial flowers should be in the basin when the sprouts have just sprouted. Focus on the seedlings of the cuttings. After the roots are placed, the seedlings should be placed in time. The seedlings of woody flowers generally fall in the winter or early spring when the flowers are dormant or just sprouting, otherwise they will affect normal growth and development(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). Before the upper basin, the appropriate flower pot should be selected according to the size and growth speed of the seedlings.

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(manufacturers of black plastic plant pots bahamas)Use a new plain pot to soak in water first. If you use old pots, they must be cleaned(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The bottom of the basin is filled with two quick-breaking pots (concave facing down) or gauze sheets, and then 1~2 cm thick coarse sand or coal slag is added as the drainage layer. A layer of culture soil is laid on the drainage layer to be planted. Immediately after planting the flower seedlings, pour water through the water, so that all the soil in the potting soil absorbs enough water, then place it in a cool place to change the seedlings(heavy duty plant pots). Do not rush to water the second time during the slow seedling period, and do not fertilize, because the new root has not yet been Growing up, the water absorption capacity is weak, and the water will affect the survival.

When the surface of the potting soil is grayish, the second water is poured again(seed starter trays). This not only prevents the roots from decaying and shrinking, but also promotes new roots and quickly restores growth. After the flower seedlings resume growth, follow the flower habits and move to a sunny place or a shed to transfer to normal maintenance. In combination with the upper pot, the woody flower plants should be properly trimmed, and the long roots, the diseased only, the dense ones, and the broken ones should be cut off. By trimming(heavy duty gallon pot), the evaporation of water from the plants is reduced, which is beneficial to the survival.

(manufacturers of black plastic plant pots bahamas)For the debilitating plants and the flowers and trees that bloomed in the same year(plug trays wholesale), they can be cut from 10 cm from the stem base, which can promote the germination of the strong strips and early flowering. Before the seedlings are placed on the basin, cut off the long roots and the roots of the wound. If the roots are damaged too much, cut off some leaves to reduce the transpiration. When the bare root seedlings are placed on the basin, the subsoil should be piled up into hillocks in the basin. Use the left hand to support the seedlings in a shallow and appropriate position(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale), so that the roots should be evenly distributed around the area, fill the soil with the right hand, and lift the seedlings with the filling. The roots stretch.

Then gently press the soil with your hands to stretch the roots(black plastic nursery pots). Then tightly press the soil with your hands to make the roots in close contact with the soil. Finally, add the culture soil to the distance of 2~3 cm from the basin to water and fertilize. Note that when filling the soil, the roots cannot be pressed too tightly, so that there is no gap between the soils, resulting in poor ventilation and drainage, affecting root respiration(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), resulting in weak growth of the seedlings and even death. Continuous rainy, outdoor potted plants can traverse the basin.(manufacturers of black plastic plant pots bahamas)

Avoid running water(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The weather is long rain, suddenly clear, the sun is strong, and the exposed plants will be damaged by root growth, and the water transpiration of the branches and leaves will be too strong, causing serious water loss and death. Therefore, we must pay attention to strict water control, moving position, shading rehabilitation. There are yellow patches on the green leaves. It has strong entanglement and developed gas roots. It can be attached to a column made of brown, placed in a hall, a hotel, or cultivated in a drape to be placed in a study or window sill(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It is more suitable for indoor placement. flowers.

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